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This can’t be happening.  Please someone tell me I’m going to wake up from this nightmare soon.  Again, I can’t believe this is happening…  I’m literally shaking right now after this second Cubs loss, is anyone else feeling this way?  Is this the same team that my dad and I watched all season long?  The same team that won 97 freakin’ games, and was dominant in every facet of the game vs. their opponents in the regular season?  Will the Real Cubs team please stand up?  Will someone get rid of these impostors for us, and replace them with our Cubbies???  The Cubs lost again tonight 10-3, and that was with their Ace on the mound.

Big Z took the mound and came out guns blazing.  He cruised through the first inning with a 1-2-3, which included k’ing Manny along the way.  After that, Z was hyped, and so was the crowd.  If the Cubs could’ve scored in the first inning, I feel like this game would have had a different outcome.

Things started off

well enough. Soriano got a lead off single, and it looked like the tides could be turning for the Cubs and their struggling offense.  But, following Soriano’s base hit and advancement on a wild pitch, the Cubs bats went silent again.  Theriot and Lee K’d, and Aram flied out to end the inning.  The Cubs really wasted a great opportunity to take control of this game right off the bat when they could’ve busted the roof off the building, gotten Big Z amped, and relieved all the pressure that they were feeling.  Instead, we came away with nothing, and I knew right there that this might be a long night.  Little did I know that everything would fall apart in the upcoming 2nd inning and another Cubs collapse was imminent.

Last night’s collapse started with a grounder that was hit to Ryan Theriot.  Now I have absolutely no clue why he thought he could bare hand that grounder, but he tried, and he failed miserably.  After that play, Z seemed a little shook, but he got the next batter to ground into a routine dp ball towards Mark DeRosa.  The only problem was, it turned out not to be so routine after all.  DeRosa botched that dp ball, a run scored, and everyone was safe o

n base.  We still had a chance to get out of that inning with minimal damage, but all hopes of that ended on the next ground ball hit to gold glover DLee.  He also botched that grounder, and the unraveling had begun.  What the hell was wrong with these guys?  Did they forget how to field?  These were routine ground balls we are talking about, nothing funny or fishy.  No crazy hops at all.  And we were playing at home, not on the road where you might misjudge ground balls.  That’s what’s even more frustrating.  You could tell all those errors killed the mood of the crowd, and it was once again panic time for the Cub faithful.  The next hitter, Furcal, comes through with an amazing bunt, and another run scores.  After that, it was murder she wrote.  RMartin put the dagger into the Cubs with a bases clearing double, and like that the Cubs were down 5-0.  The crowd was stunned, Z was stunned, and the entire team and fan base was stunned.  I honestly was at a loss of words, and that’s pretty rare in my case.  It was really hard to stay positive after that.  Cubbie nation was pretty much speechless.  I mean every single one of our infielders made errors tonight.  That has never happened before in NLDS history, and it happens to us?!?!

Z did end up getting out of that inning, but it was all downhill from there.  The next time Z faced Manny, Manny was being Manny.  THE GREATEST playoffs hitter.  He tagged Z to deep CF for another HR to put the finishing touch on this one. But, to tell you guys the truth, Z didn’t pitch a bad game at all today.  I wish things could have turned out better for Z and the Cubs but they didn’t.

Aside from that ridiculous second inning, we couldn’t HIT!!!! We couldn’t get anything going on offense, and the only time we did, the game was already out of reach.  This team is in need of a hero, and I’m wondering who is going to step up.  There never seems to be any timely hitting on this team, and it shows every time we get someone on base.  We can never string 2 hits together, can never advance or drive in runners, and what’s sad is, this is not how the Cubs have played all season long.  Let’s give some credit to the Dodgers Billingsly, who pitched a brilliant game.  But it did seem like the Cubs hitters let him off of the hook a couple of times in the game.  One culprit of letting the Dodgers off the hook was Fukudome.  He went hitless tonight, and is 0-7 with 3 k’s and 3lob for the series.  Lou made it clear tonight after the game that Fukudome is done for the series.

Anyways, now we go to L.A. for Game 3.  Yes the Cubs are down 0-2 in the series now, after losing both games at home.  Yes only 4 teams have ever come back down from a  0-2 deficit, and only 1 team has ever come back from that deficit in history after losing both games at home.  But it is definitely possible.  Cubs have had multiple three game winning streaks during the season, and they need one now.  They need to just shut up and play baseball, and not worry about all the pressure they are facing. I know it is easier said than done, and that is why I think it will help them a lot to get away from Chicago and its media and fan base.  Hopefully now that the entire World has finally written them off, they can play pressure free baseball, and play the way they have played all season long.  Another reason I have faith is because of Harden and Lilly.  This is why Hendry went out and acquired Harden, exactly for situations like these.  It’s time for him to come through for us and the Organization, and to show why some people call him one of the best pitchers in the game.  And if he can pull out a W, we throw Lilly out there on Sunday, and he has been our hottest pitcher of late.  I know it’s hard right now Cubs fans, but please keep the faith.  This team definitely is capable of doing the unthinkable, so we can’t give up on them yet, even though all the fake fans are definitely abandoning ship right now.  Just remember one thing, the year the Red Sox won it all, they faced a similar situation vs. the Yankees.  Just keep that in your head tonight, before you start your own suicide watch.  GO CUBS GO!!!


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