A&T Aggies: Two Wins Two Rivals

Anjelica SandersCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2008

For the last two and a half seasons, the North Carolina Aggie football team, of Greensboro, NC, has been at a loss, winning no games whatsoever. In the opening game of the 2008-2009 football season, the Aggies crushed the Johnson C. Smith Golden Bulls, breaking their losing streak. This win gave hope to players and fans of the team, and gave everyone a reason to look forward to the upcoming season.

The Aggies did not stop there; they defeated their rivals, the Winston-Salem State Rams with a close score of 14-8 on their home turf. The Rams gave the A&T football team a tough game, but the Aggies were sure to stop them just enough to make it out on top. This was a shock to both fans and players and once again gave them a reason to believe that this season would be a victory season for the North Carolina A&T Aggies.

Nevertheless, the wins ceased there, with three losses following the two wins. The Aggies were defeated by Norfolk State with a 27-21 loss on Sept. 13, a loss to Hampton University 44-7 on Sept. 20, and a defeat of 20-7 against Coastal Carolina on Sept. 27. The Norfolk State game did not seem to be so bad, beings that the Aggies made a second half comeback to not suffer such a great loss; but the last two games gave A&T fans a reason to look at their guys and question, "Is this yet another year of defeat?".

It was essential, to history, that the North Carolina A&T Aggies defeated the Winston-Salem Rams in their second game of the season, because this is a rivalry that has been going since the 1950's and 60's. However, it is more important for the Aggies go onto the field of the American Legion Memorial Stadium in Charlotte, NC, and bring home a win against the North Carolina Central Eagles (Durham, NC); a rivalry that is as big as Oklahoma versus Texas, and Ohio State versus Michigan State. The Aggies have lost the last two years of the 80-year rivalry, but currently stand with better stats (2-3) than the NC Central Eagles who are 0-4 for the 2008-2009 football season. The game will take place in Charlotte, away for both teams, because the rivalry fans bring tons of chaos since someone has to lose, and no one likes to walk away with that title.