New York Mets' Top 50 Prospects: From Jenrry Mejia to Yancarlos Javier

Nicholas Pugliese@_NickPugsContributor IIIApril 6, 2017

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1. Jenrry Mejia | SP | AAA | Age – 21 | Drafted – IFA 2006 (B+) - Flashes of his plus stuff could be seen out of the bullpen, but he was extremely inconsistent which is expected from a player so young.

2. Wilmer Flores | SS | HiA | Age – 19 | Drafted – IFA 2007 (B+) - He has hit at every level the Mets have placed him at and done so with great plate discipline for a young player.

3. Matt Harvey | SP | College | Age – 21 | Drafted – First Round 2010 (B) - He has some big time power stuff on the mound with the workhouse body to boot.  His power sinker in Citi Field could be a great combination.

4. Aderlin Rodriguez | 3B | LoA | Age – 19 | Drafted – IFA 2008 (B) - It appears like the slow approach the Mets have decided to take with Rodriguez is paying off.

5. Reese Havens | 2B | AA | Age – 24 | Drafted – First Round 2008 (B) - This is a bit of an aggressive ranking for Havens, but I have no doubt in my mind had it not been for the injuries he would be ranked at the top of this list.

6. Fernando Martinez | OF | AAA | Age – 24 | Drafted – IFA 2005 (B-) - He still has some potential, but in my opinion is never going to live up to the "Teenage Hitting Machine" nickname.

7. Cory Vaughn | OF | SSA | Age – 21 | Drafted – Third Round 2010 (B-) - Although he slowed down as the season went on Vaughn had a huge debut for the Cyclones and displayed better plate discipline than reported before the draft.

8. Cesar Puello | OF | SSA | Age – 19 | Drafted – IFA 2007 (B-) - The young Puello began to put together his tremendous tools last season in Savannah. Still has a lot of room to breakout this year.

9. Jeurys Familia | SP | HiA | Age – 21 | Drafted – IFA 2007 (C+) - I am overlooking his ERA somewhat because although it was ugly he had a much better FIP (3.89)  and had great strikeout and ground ball numbers.

10. Kirk Nieuwenhuis | OF | AAA | Age – 23 | Drafted – Third Round 2008 (C+) - I was not a big fan when I first saw him, but Nieuwenhuis has slowly turned me into a believer.  He has solid speed and power, but no outstanding tools.

11. Lucas Duda | OF | AAA | Age – 25 | Drafted – Seventh Round 2007 (C+) - His bat looks like it will play anywhere, but it is just a matter of where it will wind up.

12. Armando Rodriguez | SP | LoA | Age – 23 | Drafted – IFA 2007 (C+) - The only thing holding him back from higher rankings anywhere is an average fastball and fringe average breaking ball.

13. Zach Lutz | 3B | AAA | Age – 24 | Drafted – Fifth Round 2007 (C+) - He can absolutely mash when he is on the field, but various different injuries have prevented that from happening.

14. Juan Urbina | SP | GCL | Age – 17 | Drafted – IFA 2009 (C+) - I am not as big on Urbina as some other people.  He does have some intriguing upside with a decent fastball and good change up, but I need to see some more positive results before I go any higher.

15. Sean Ratliff | OF | AA | Age – 23 | Drafted – Fourth Round 2008 (C+) - His numbers only got better after being moved out of the tough environment in St. Lucie and up to AA. His BABIP was high, but it has been high throughout his whole career.

16. Darrell Ceciliani | OF | SSA | Age – 20 | Drafted – Fourth Round 2009 (C+) - A great fielder and speedster, had a great season swinging the lumber in Brooklyn.  The 12 triples just show you what kind of speed he poses, but he is still a little raw on the base paths.

17. Mark Cohoon | SP | AA | Age – 23 | Drafted – 12th Round 2008 (C+) - If only he had a big time fastball he would be a huge prospect, but until he makes it in the pros he will always have some doubters.

18. Albert Cordeo | C | LoA | Age – 21 | Drafted – IFA 2007 (C+) - Good athletic defensive catcher who has shown some pop.  Has some high upside if the bat continues to develop along.  I like him a lot.  Huge sleeper potential in 2011.

19. Dillon Gee | SP | AAA | Age – 24 | Drafted – 21st Round 2007 (C+) - Great peripherals and an inflated BABIP were his killers.  On the flip side he didn’t pitch nearly as well in NY as his ERA.

20. Matt Den Dekker | OF | LoA | Age – 23 | Drafted – Fifth Round 2010 (C+) - Stark splits as he kills righties and didn’t do to well against lefties.  His defensive alone should help him find a way onto a big league roster at some point.

21. Akeel Morris | SP | GCL | Age – 18 | Drafted – 10th Round 2010 (C+) - Extremely young prospect with a big arm showed he had a little more polish than what cost him to last until the 10th round. Probably the prospect most poised for a “breakout” season.

22. Brad Holt | SP | HiA | Age – 24 | Drafted – First Round 2008 (C+) - His season was just disgustingly awful.  Stuff and pedigree is the only thing keeping him up here.

23. Jefry Marte | 3B | LoA | Age – 19 | Drafted – IFA 2007 (C+) - He’s still young, but at some point he is going to have to start hitting again like he did back in ’08 in the GCL. 

24. Steven Matz | SP | DNP | Age – 19 | Drafted second Round 2009 (C+) - Didn’t pitch last year because of Tommy John Surgery. I still like his stuff and potential as I am not as worried about young pitchers having TJS anymore.

25. Brian Harrison | 3B | LoA | Age – 22 | Drafted – 13th Round 2010 (C) - If he can stay healthy he has a chance to skyrocket up this list.  A great hitter with good power. Remember this name and don’t sleep on him.

26. Josh Satin | 2B/1B | AA | Age – 26 | Drafted – sixth Round 2008 (C) - Has done nothing but hit since being drafted his only downfall is his age. I’ve liked him since seeing him in Brooklyn and think he can become a useful MLB player.

27.  Erik Goeddel | P | GCL | Age – 22 | Drafted – 24th R0und 2010 (C) - Big time fastball and slider, but has some arm troubles and had to be shut down last year after just one inning because of soreness.

28. Jordany Valdespin | 2B | AA | Age – 23 | Drafted – IFA 2007 (C) - Still a bit of an enigma, but he has talent with this being a crucial season for him.

29. Ryan Fraser | CL | SSA | Age – 22 | Drafted – 16th Round 2010 (C) - Big armed reliever whose didn’t fare that well in college.  Things changed with the switch to wood bats and he dominated the NYPL with his fastball.

30. Robbie Shields | SS | LoA | Age – 23 | Drafted – third Round 2009 (C) - Hit very well coming off Tommy John surgery.  Will need to push through the system pretty quickly at his age, but he has the potential to do so.

31. Wilfredo Tovar | SS | HiA | Age – 19 | Drafted – IFA 2008 (C) - Tovar's best tool can not be seen or measured by these numbers as his defense is off the charts. He has gold glove potential defense, but his biggest question marks will always be his bat.

32. Robert Carson | SP | AA | Age – 22 | Drafted – 14th Round 2007 (C) - This is a situation where if the prospect fails I am putting it on the Mets' shoulders. Carson still has the stuff to succeed, but did terrible in the "AA test" so a move to the pen might be in store.

33. Javier Rodriguez | OF | Rk | Age – 21 | Drafted – Second Round 2008 (C) - While Rodriguez is a little old for Kingsport he finally began to put his tools together last year. I am always a little weary of the power numbers prospects put up in Kingsport, but I am trying to stay positive of the former second round pick.

34. Kyle Allen | SP | HiA | Age – 21 | Drafted – 24th Round 2008 (C) - I was high on Allen entering 2010, but he was just awful for St. Lucie. He walked more (54) than he struck out (53) and did not get nearly as many ground balls as he had in the past. He gets the benefit of the doubt because he was pitching with a back injury, but I am not too excited about his potential anymore.

35. Kai Gronauer | C | HiA | Age – 24 | Drafted – IFA 2007 (C) - The older German product started coming around with the bat in 2010. He is already an average to above average defensive catcher and if he can sustain the new offensive production he could develop into a major league back up catcher.

36. Eric Campbell | 3B | AA | Age – 24 | Drafted – Eighth Round 2008 (C) - Campbell has very quietly turned into a nice bat for the organization. He plays adequate to above-average defense at third and has a good approach at the plate that held up in the jump to AA.

37. Domingo Tapia | SP | Rk | Age – 19 | Drafted – IFA 2009 (C) - He is going to need to up the strikeouts and the stuff suggests he will do it in the future with already a low 90's fastball and flashes of plus change-up. The projection is there for him to become a legitimate prospect only time will tell.

38. Zach Dotson | SP | Rk | Age – 20 | Drafted – 13th Round 2009 (C) - One of the few Mets overslots in recent years actually pitched well during his brief time flashing good K rates and keeping the balls on the ground, but was suspended for PED's.

39. Elvis Sanchez | 3B | -- | Age – 16 | Drafted – IFA 2010 (C) - One of the big international free agents in 2010 for the Mets. Sanchez is a big third baseman with plus to plus-plus raw power, but he might need to move to first base. He was the 15th best Latin American prospect.

40. Vincente Lupo | OF | -- | Age – 16 | Drafted – IFA 2010 (C) - The other main attraction from the IFA class. Lupo was the 25th best ranked prospect form Latin America and is also considered to have plus to plus-plus raw power.

41. Josh Stinson | SP | AAA | Age – 23 | Drafted – 37th Round 2006 (C-) - Am I a little low on Stinson in these rankings? Maybe. It is only because I am not that confident in his ability to remain in the rotation. If he makes it as a starter he is a number five at best, which is not bad. Still he could be a very good reliever.

42. Francisco Pena | C | HiA | Age – 21 | Drafted – IFA 2006 (C-) - I'm still not a huge fan of Pena's, but he is still young and has potential so he gets a mulligan and remains in the top 50 prospects. If he doesn't show significant progress this year I'll have no problem leaving him off the list.

43. Manny Alvarez | RP | AAA | Age – 21 | Drafted – IFA 2005 (C-) - Alvarez is a terrific reliever who should be ready to contribute as soon as this year. Really showed no holes in his game and pitched well at every level. Now it just remains to be seen if he can duplicate his success.

44. Greg Peavey | SP | NCAA | Age – 22 | Drafted – Sixth Round 2010 (C-) - SLEEPER ALERT. Peavey is the complete package as a pitcher. He is not an overpowering player with filthy stuff, but he is able to use his 90-93 mph fastball effectively and mix in a slider, change-up, and curve ball.

45. James Fuller | SP | HiA | Age – 23 | Drafted – 21st Round 2008 (C-) - A stat geeks favorite and a scout's worst nightmare. Fuller has decent stuff, but his less than ideal pitcher's build and no plus pitches make scouts wonder if he will ever be able to live at the higher levels and be able to withstand the rigors of a full season. Should make a good future LOOGY.

46. Blake Forsythe | C | SSA | Age – 21 | Drafted – Third Round 2010 (C-) - Highly regarded before the 2010 season until scouts found major holes in his swing.  Early numbers show the holes may be too big to overcome, but the potential of being a power hitting catcher is still there.

47. Scott Moviel | SP | HiA | Age – 22 | Drafted – Second Round 2007 (C-) - Only because of his injury issues and being a ridiculously tall pitcher do I cut him some slack, as taller pitches tend to take longer to develop because of the inconsistent mechanics. Another one who needs to take a big leap this year or will find himself on the outside looking in.

48. Nick Carr | RP | HiA | Age – 24 | Drafted – 41st Round 2005 (C-) - The command issues are a shame because he is such a great arm. It seems like he has been around forever despite the fact he is still 24-years old, but at this stage in his development I am beginning to wonder if he will ever iron out the control issues.

49. Bret Mitchell | SP | Rk | Age – 22 | Drafted – 12th Round 2010 (C-) - A personal favorite from the 2010 draft. I think he is much better than the results show as the numbers are a bit skewed by a rough two start streak. Has good enough stuff to make a little bit of noise.

50. Yancarlos Javier | SP | Rk | Age – 20 | Drafted – IFA 2008 (C-) - Going completely off the board for Mr. Irrelevant. I would almost never rank a DSL guy, but Javier has a nice combination of strikeouts, ground balls, and perfectibility. He could amount to nothing, but something tells me I needed to get his name out there.

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