Red Sox strong in Game 1, Game 2 looks promising

Christopher CostaContributor IOctober 3, 2008

I completely agree that it is nearly impossible to wake up the morning after a late game and attempt to drag oneself into work, but high-school students are feeling the same way trying to watch the Red Sox in the postseason.

With first pitches being thrown at 10pm, it is virtually impossible (or maybe insensible) to stay up for an entire game. 10 pm makes logical sense for Angels fans -it is only 7pm their time. But what about Sox fans? Even home games are being started later than the usual 7:05. First pitches are often delayed until 8:30, which, for a student, or professional, on a weeknight is impractical to stay up until at least 11:30, often midnight. There is a plethora of evidence which describes the effects of lack of sleep, but that is pretty self-explanatory. What is more important is, what about Boston? Why does Boston have to suffer?  If the game is played in Boston, it should start at normal EST. I thoroughly understand that TV stations do this for ratings and revenue, but it just is not fair for the number of fans who miss out on the game. ESPN does a great job abridging the game into highlights, but it just is not the same.


Now for some real baseball talk.

The Red Sox are going into Game 2 on Friday night with a solid Game 1 behind them. Dustin Pedroia said after Game 1 that winning the first game of the series in the other team's ballpark means a lot. Jon Lester had another dominant performance, going 7 innings allowing 1 run and striking out 7. Lester continued to throw in the high 90's even in the 7th inning. This is no surprise considering the way he has pitched his last couple of outings. His ability to go late into the game is something the Red Sox will need going into the late rounds of the playoffs, especially if a matchup against Tampa Bay falls into place. Other young players had great nights as well. Jacoby Ellsbury had an amazing catch in centerfield to rob a single and had 3 hits. Kevin Youkilis, after just missing an over-the-shoulder catch, easily threw Vladimir Guerrero out at third base, after Vlad ignored the "stop sign" from the third base coach, and seemingly limped around second base. Justin Masterson came in with strong relief, not allowing any runs. Finally, Jason Bay, not necessarily a "young" player, established himself by hitting a 2-run homer in the first postseason game of his career.

The Red Sox needed the win in Anaheim and now have a little more flexibility in tonight's game. Even a loss will allow for 2 games at Fenway. Daisuke Matsuzaka looks to put out a strong performance tonight (do not expect Daisuke to pitch as well as Lester. He will probably give up a couple of runs, but hopefully the Sox bats will stay hot). Look for Dustin Pedroia to get at least 1 hit tonight, but do not expect Jason Bay to have another big game. All Sox fans can do is hope for the best. (Unfortunately for many high school seniors, it would be unwise to watch the game tonight because the SAT's tomorrow.) So much for a relaxing senior year.