The Ignorance of the Non-Wrestling Fan (Well Some of Them, Anyway)

Kevin WilliamsCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2008

If you've been a wrestling fan as long as I have, eventually you are going to get into the argument with someone that wrestling is fake. One thing non-wrestling fans do not understand is that wrestling fans, most of them anyways, know this better than anyone else.

However, before you call it fake, "choreographed," or whatever have you, take this into consideration: Aren't TV shows such as Heroes, Lost, House, etc. also scripted? Surely they must be removed from TV now because they are all totally fake.

I'm sure many of you have seen or heard of Harry Potter. In that case, you'll know that they're not really doing magic. Those lights coming out of those so called wands they wave are added effects. If the people in that movie were really doing magic, then we'd all be lining up in the town square in Salem to see them get hanged, burnt, etc.

The title of the article may be a little misleading, because all non-wrestling fans are definitely not ignorant. However, there are a select few who lose sleep every night if they forget to tell already knowledgeable fans that wrestling is fake. Over the years, I've heard many unbelievable comments about professional wrestling, so here are a few I would like to comment on.

Wrestlers would look stupid playing a "real" sport.

This one really gets me. It's funny how someone can say that a wrestler couldn't play a real sport. Undertaker, Big Show, Kevin Nash, and Kane all played college basketball. In fact, Nash was on a Tennessee Volunteers team that managed to make the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament.

Darren Drozdov, Ernie Ladd, Matt Hughes (once the A-Train in WWE), and Goldberg all played in the NFL. John Cena and The Rock played college football, and along with a stint in the NFL, Ron Simmons was a two-time All-American at Florida State.

Hell, even the GM of Raw, Mike Adamle played in the NFL. Oh yeah, that medal that's been hanging around Kurt Angle's neck since the 1996 Olympics, you know the shiny gold one, well that's from Olympic freestyle wrestling. So obviously these guys can play other sports.

Wrestlers are not intelligent people, and they do not have an education.

Well, if you read the paragraph above, then you realize that those guys couldn't play college ball without, well...getting into college.

Christopher Nowinski, who also played college football, just happens to be a Harvard graduate. Matt Hardy is said to excelled in school, and received a very high score on his SATs. To say that Vince McMahon unintelligent is the same as saying that Bill Gates is not rich. Despite his many obvious flaws, Vince could not have turned WWE into a billion dollar empire if he wasn't smart.

It's the wrestlers fault when a child gets hurt mimicking them.

I don't know where you would get this from. It's not Owen Hart's fault if your son broke his younger brother's neck attempting an inverted piledriver on him. Next time, keep better track of your kids. Control what they watch, especially if it is having a negative influence on them.

If the same boy shot his brother after mimicking a Grand Theft Auto game, who do you blame? Surely not the makers of the game. It's not their fault you bought the game for your nine year old. Wrestlers discourage attempting what they do at home. If you really want to be a wrestler, then there's plenty of time to find a suitable wrestling school when you grow older.

Wrestlers are encouraged to take steroids.

This may have been the case in the '80s and early '90s, but it is definitely not the case today. I find it funny how a company can implement wellness policies and testing, and then somehow be accused of encouraging the use of steroids. It makes no sense.

Sure, steroid played a role in the deaths of many wrestlers including Mr. Perfect, but they are from a different era. It's even funnier when a baseball fan wants to play the steroid card on professional wrestling. With many players trying to inflate their numbers, shouldn't they be worried about if their sport is becoming fake? Maybe, in the words of Roger Clemens, they just "misremember" the steroid problem in baseball.

Wrestlers have no talent whatsoever.

Apparently, every amazing move is done with cables and wires nowadays. Surely, Petey Williams can't manage his body weight along with someone else's when doing the Canadian Destroyer. Paul Burchill's Backflip Uranage, definitely the work of wires.

Any intelligent person on this planet would know why wires, cables, dental floss, and sewing thread are not used on wrestlers nowadays. Also, explain to me where the harness on Petey Williams is because I am definitely not seeing it, and I just got a brand new pair of glasses.

Wrestling is not a job.

Wrestling is a trade, like any other job, and can end fatally if not done properly. Many of these guys are friends backstage, therefore, I'm sure they don't want to intentionally paralyze the guy they are fighting. It takes years before a wrestler is properly trained to make sure he and his opponent are safe while putting on an entertaining fight for the fans.

One inexperienced mistake or a missed step, and you may just be in a wheel chair for the rest of your life. Just ask former wrestler, and player for the Denver Broncos, Darren Drozdov, better known as Droz. A missed step from D'Lo Brown many years ago, and he ended up in a wheelchair. Doctors were optimistic that he may walk again, but as far as I can remember, he is still in that wheelchair.

Wrestling is a soap opera.

I guess you can call wrestling a soap opera, but keep in mind, WWE Raw and Pay-Per-Views for each company are aired live. There is little room for error. When I was younger, I was always amazed at how people like The Rock could stand in the ring for as long as 10-15 minutes and cut a flawless promo.

Wrestling matches don't always go as planned, so these athletes, yes athletes, have to be ready to improvise at a split seconds notice, which many of the experienced ones do a good job at.

Professional Wrestling is not a sport.

Really? Hence the term sports entertainment. I thought we got rid of this problem in the '90s. What entertains you may not entertain me, and vice versa. It doesn't mean that I have any right to tell you that your stupid for liking it. If you don't like wrestling, no one is saying that you have to. Just shut up about it, and no one will bother you.

There's always the 36-year-old man, who is a fan of dungeons and dragons, who feels it necessary to remind you that you have no life, even though he is still living with his mom.

If I wasn't a wrestling fan, I can't say that I would be one of those people that criticizes people for being one. It's their personal choice. If I don't criticize you for secretly loving Hannah Montana, then don't say anything to me about being a wrestling fan. Fans know it's "fake", and you really sound stupid to us when you repeat it every thirty seconds