Are Drugs Impacting Plaxico Burress?

David GellerAnalyst IOctober 3, 2008

In light of Tony Mandarich’s interview on Inside the NFL, it’s only fair to ask.


In the early stages of Mandarich’s career, he admits that he was victimized by an addiction and that he popped 30 to 40 painkillers a day. Over the course of the interview, he discussed how the drugs profoundly affected him mentally and physically shortly after he stopped using them.


Similarly, Plaxico Burress writes in his book that in order to treat his bad ankle, knee, and shoulder throughout the 2007 season, he either ingested some pills or took needle shots in various places every day. It doesn’t take a doctor to realize that there is something wrong with this. There is no way a human being should have this much garbage planted in the body on a daily basis.


It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Now, with reports flowing in that he had gotten into two minor altercations with his wife, and that he has been suspended for team misconduct, the question obtains even more validity. Could drugs really be affecting Plaxico Burress’s mindset and physical ability?


I hate to speculate on a subject of this matter because it is so fragile. Is he still using painkillers? Or have Giants team doctors decided that with his colossal intake last year that he should be kept off? This type of information could be pivotal in formulating a realistic hypothesis for this situation.


Now, Burress’s dangerous consumption of the drugs did pay off in the most ultimate of forms. He caught the game-winning pass in the Super Bowl. Without the assistance of painkillers, he would have probably spent the year on IR. At a minimum, he would have missed the Super Bowl. Keep in mind; he played with a partially torn MCL, an injury that normally keeps players out for two to four weeks.


It’s simple guesswork at this point considering there has been no evidence dished out that Burress is being impacted in the slightest.


But I’m a writer. My job is to speculate. That’s some speculation for you.