Here's to Hockey and Here's to Another Season

Miah D.Senior Writer IOctober 3, 2008

As we get ready for the start of it all,

I'd like to raise my glass for you, Hockey fans,

Who bring your passion—love and hate—standing tall for your teams. 

Also, please guys, don't throw beers from the stands!

May your team create the surprise, may it fill your heart with pride,

May you not feel disgust when wearing your true colours,

May you spread passion around, on Bleacher and to those on your side,

May you appreciate the true efforts of your players.

Don't call the coach with names, don't insult the referees,

Not that it is mean, but they won't hear you.

Keep your voice for the celebration, and for the parties,

Because no matter how bad you think your team is, come on, it won't lose all 82!

If your team is a contender, please remember

That you are a lucky fan, but remain humble and true.

Because a team has around just 20 players,

And nowhere is ever safe from a massive flu!

So here's to Hockey, my dears, here's to Lord Stanley,

If it doesn't drop by this spring, never give up.

As the next NHL draft might make your day,

And we can always at least call it a great transition period.

A special mention to the oldest Hockey team,

Trying hard to bring back the city's pride,

Here's to 85 years of history and the last 15 of wandering,

I'll always stand by you, my Red, Blue and White.


Special thoughts to J.C. into aspiring me to write this, after reading his own tribute.