MMA Knockout of the Day: Fedor Takes Down Arlovski for Quick Knockout

Jim BerdyszCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2011

In one of the most highly anticipated matches over the last two years, the great Russian, Fedor Emelianenko took quick care of Belarusian native Andre Arlovski, knocking him out in just 3:14 minutes in this fight.

The match between both heavyweights was the part of the main event Affliction: Day of Reckoning, which took place Jan. 24, 2009 in Anaheim, Calif.

As the fight begins, we notice Arlovski come out with a bit more confidence than Fedor, hitting him with a big right hook within the first minute of the fight. Both fighters then simply stand back from each other for a short while, each garnering over what they should do next. 

Fedor, as one can see, looks a bit more reserved throughout the first couple minutes toward his opponent, taking his time to really get a feel for Arlovski's motive. He misses on two big right punches two minutes in, leaving him to slightly back off in the match again.

With 2:20 minutes left to go in the first round though, the referee breaks the two fighters up after tangling with each other. This really sparks a rally by Fedor and his soon-to-be victory, as 30 seconds later the fight intensifies greatly.

Just as Arlovski backs Fedor into one of the corner's, he gets kicks Fedor, bouncing him back toward himself. This is when even the 12,000 fans that watched the fight at the Honda Center couldn't have guessed what would happen next.

As Fedor bounces off the corner, Arlovski runs straight into his right hook, knocking him out cold.

With the victory, Fedor defended his WAMMA heavyweight championship, and Arlovski ended his five-match winning streak. To be honest, I think Arlovski still hasn't recovered from Fedor's right hand, as he has yet to win a fight since, losing three consecutive matches.

If you're just interested in the knockout portion of the video, fast forward the YouTube clip to 3:05 and watch the rest of the historic fight from there.