WWE: Do They Really Need a New Masked Superstar Like Sin Cara?

wes burdenContributor IMarch 29, 2011

WWE is an ever-expanding global market.  With strong ties to a worldwide audience, Vince McMahon and co. are always looking for new ways to attract viewers and media attention.

One of the company’s most important target audiences is the Mexican market.  What is the best way to connect and pull in viewers of Hispanic decent and improve the product at the same time?

To sign wrestling sensations from South of the Border, specifically those who wear a legendary “mask” to the ring.

The question that is being asked, though, is whether or not WWE needs another masked superstar to show off his talents in the squared circle.  I am here to answer that question in my own opinion by quoting the great Stone Cold Steve Austin, “Oh hell yeah”.

Ok, maybe that wasn’t needed.  But the answer is yes, the WWE needs another masked superstar and bringing in Mistico, now known as Sin Cara, was the best thing the company could have done. 

With Rey Mysterio climbing up there in age, having had countless surgeries and at the tail end of his career, WWE fans are going to need another masked superstar to cheer on as the underdog in the fight. Now, I have not watched Sin Cara perform live, but judging by his featured videos on YouTube, I’m sure he will not disappoint any of us.

I am amazed at what he is able to do in those videos.  His moveset is very impressive, ranging from the suicide dives to the outside, to his finisher La Mistica, which is a tilt-a-whirl turned into an armbar submission.

Listed at 5’7” and 175 pounds, his body compares favorably to Mysterio.  He is a legend in the Mexican territories and his superstardom should transfer to the WWE.

Sin Cara will debut next week on Raw following Wrestlemania, accomplishing something big already.  He is skipping training in any of the developmental programs and going straight to live TV right away.  That just shows the confidence Vince has in his new product and how good Sin Cara really is.

I am not sure what direction they will take him or who he will feud with first, but I do know that bringing in another masked superstar, with the skills that Sin Cara has, was the right thing for WWE to do, both now and heading towards the future.