WWE WrestleMania 27: How the Rock Can Win the WWE Title at WrestleMania

Bryan FloryAnalyst IMarch 29, 2011

Last night on Raw, the Rock did what we had all been waiting for: He returned to the ring and got physically involved.

It was great to see that he had altercations with both the Miz (and Alex Riley) and John Cena because it helps build their feud even further, and leads us to believe that the Rock will not favor one over the other.

What it also does is build the possibility that the Rock could insert himself in the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania.

I think there are two possible ways that the Rock could end up fighting for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 27.

First, the Raw GM intervenes and says that the Rock-Miz-Cena feud has been taken too far, and that they need to settle it in the ring. Therefore, the GM inserts the Rock in the championship match.

While this is a possible scenario, it would completely discredit the Miz-Cena feud because it would signify that their feud was not enough to carry the match, such that they had to add in the Rock last minute.

There is nothing wrong with having a Triple Threat match, but if this was going to happen, I would think that the WWE would have promoted it more heavily upfront and not surprise us.

Second, and what I believe is a more surprising way (while preserving the Miz/Cena feud), is by doing something similar to WrestleMania IX.

At WrestleMania IX, following the Yokozuna/Bret Hart WWF Title match, Hulk Hogan came to the ring and Mr. Fuji challenged Hogan to a match (which Hogan won). Many criticized this match because it was Hogan again winning the title and taking the spotlight away from two superstars.

I believe that the Rock's situation is different.

With the Rock already being heavily involved with both competitors, I could see a scenario playing out where, for example, Cena wins the title and as WrestleMania is closing out, he says to the Rock that they need to finish their confrontation.

This could lead to Cena fighting the Rock for the title right then.

The Miz could also do something similar, such as saying that he beat Cena and now is on-top of the WWE Universe, leading him to challenge the Rock out of arrogance.

What better way to signify that the Rock is back full-time than to give him the WWE Title?

Now, I will be the first to admit, that I think this is very unlikely and that if the Rock were to be involved in a match at WrestleMania, I would expect WWE to promote the hell out of it to boost buyrates.

But the fact remains, without the Money in the Bank match, something drastic needs to be done to salvage the "surprise factor" of this year's WrestleMania.

Otherwise, it could go down as one of the most forgetful WrestleMania's ever.


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