He's Baaack! The Boston Celtics Re-Sign Sam Cassell

Aaron GettingsContributor IOctober 2, 2008

It’s taken me a while to fully digest this whole re-signing Sam Cassell nonsense. 

In fact, until I see him step out onto that court again, immediately throw up a 20 foot jumper with 19 seconds left on the shotclock that leads to an opponent’s fastbreak, then do it all again the next possession, I don’t know that I will have come to grips with it. 

It’s not that Sam is a bad guy.  By all accounts he’s just the opposite.  It wouldn’t shock me to learn that he helps old ladies cross the street, gently lifts cats from trees and always leaves a penny, but never takes.  I have no personal grudges, and am not campaigning to see his demise.  I just don’t want him on our team.

He’s a 38-year old point guard with a gunner’s mentality. Unfortunately, his shots rarely fall, and he absolutely destroys our offensive momentum the moment he rips off his warm-ups. 

He brings nothing but negatives to the defensive end. He tries to shoot his way out of slumps, but since he’s only on the court for brief spurts it equates to nothing but a barrage of ill-advised shots. 

He only fills one of our needsa backup guard who can bring the ball up the court.  The positives end there.  The worst part of it is, at his age, he’s not only unlikely to change, I don’t believe the thought has, or will, enter his mind.

Take this quote from the Herald, “I’m 38, and I made the All-Star team at 34.  I make the old guys who play at the YMCA proud.”

Perhaps I’m being a little too negative, or reading a tad too much into an off-the-cuff comment, but to me that’s a man saying, “I was an All-Star four years ago.  I still got it!”

Sadly, his next sentence states, “And if we win another championship, I might even play again. Who knows?”

His re-signing sent small tremors of shockwaves through Celtic Nation.  It’s only a one-year deal, with some supposed language to join up with our coaching staff once the season ends. 

But he was a disaster last season. 

We openly campaigned for Eddie House in the postseason.  When we got him, he came through, but Doc would inexplicably resort back to Sam.  I’m sure Doc and Sam share some sort of, “Old Man Point Guard Camaraderie,” but we need our best players on the court. 

Sam doesn’t fit that description.

The coaching part I’m fine with.  I think he’d be a great addition to our bench.  He’s knowledgeable, has the respect of the players, and he’s obviously a “winner”, knowing what it takes to win it all. 

I just wish he’d take a direct path to the pine, instead of torturing us with another season full of frustration.