Setting the Record Straight About George Mason's Final Four Rings

Chris BrooksCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2008

Mason Nation fans, as many of you are aware, two 2006 Final Four rings have surfaced on eBay this week. They were George Mason gold rings with the name Scherrens on the side.

Scherrens is not a former or current player on the roster, but he certainly was at every game during that magical run to Indianapolis.

Maurice Scherrens is George Mason's Senior Vice President and a big Mason basketball fan. He is also a college referee, and in the same year, he officiated the 2006 Conference USA tournament for which he received a ring for his services.

Links to the eBay listings: Mason Ring 1, Mason Ring 2, and C-USA Ring.
I spoke with Scherrens personally on the phone this afternoon, and he would like to set the record straight on the events that have arisen on today.

Scherrens first learned of the rings being gone yesterday and actually visited the eBay website to confirm what he had heard. Scherrens said that he thought he was going to have to buy back the rings that were his in the auction.
Well, Scherrens will not have to purchase his rings—instead the seller from eBay will be returning them to him next week.
A letter from the police to Scherrens says they were able to track down the seller by phone, and he was unaware of the rings being stolen. On the listings, it says they were in a Virginia pawnshop where he obtained them.
The seller will cancel the auctions and will be contacting Scherrens on Monday to return the rings to their rightful owner. The seller is listed in Alexandria, Va.
Scherrens does want everyone to know he did not pawn the rings off. He has a jewelry box where he keeps such items from either Mason achievements or being a college referee. He was unaware of them being stolen until he was notified they had been on eBay. Then he noticed the three rings online were no longer in the box.
They were stolen from his home and the police are investigating the situation. Scherrens did say he does not care about charges to whoever took his rings. He only wants his rings back, and next week, that will be reality.
So for the first time since Mason basketball returned to the Big Dance, Mason was in the headlines—only it was not something that anyone wished had happened.
As the season draws closer, it's time to get in the zone for the return of Jim Larranaga and the Patriots, and I am sure Scherrens would like his rings back to wear to Midnight Madness and all Mason home games this season.
It shows you there are good people out there, and this eBay seller is one of them.
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