Rock in a Hard Place: When Will WWE Pull the Trigger on The Rock vs John Cena?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMarch 28, 2011

Probably the biggest question going into Wrestlemania has nothing to do with who is in a match on the card. In fact, it seems like the card is an after thought. The question people want answered is, will The Rock get into it with The Miz and/or John Cena?

Personally, I have my predictions on who will win the match and how it'll happen, which will be seen in a later article, I assure you. But WWE was obviously smart to bring The Rock in.  Add the fact that they added Stone Cold into it as well, on top of the already stellar card and it has the potential to be one of the better Wrestlemanias in recent memory.

But it is kind of weird that a host is the one people are paying to see and not an actual match. Seemingly, The Rock is the talk of the town for Mania, and every wrestling fan wants to see him wrestle again.

I'm all for what Rock did years ago in leaving for Hollywood and he made a good career in acting, which prevented him from having to kill his body in the ring to make money. He has had a pretty good career in la la land and some Hollywood studs would beg to have the success he has reached.

Which while we're on the subject, to those moronic people out there who think Rock's movie career isn't doing well, which is why he is in WWE right now, think again.

Get something straight and this may be a tough pill to swallow, but listen up. Just because YOU didn't like a movie he was in doesn't mean it was a horrible movie that didn't do well in the box office.

Some say that Rock made some dumb kids movies and his Hollywood career is over because of it, so he came back to WWE. Morons, those kids movies made millions at the box office! I'm with you in that I prefer action movie Rock, rather than kids movie Rock, but that doesn't mean his career in Hollywood went downhill because of those movies. Rather, it went up as it diversified him.

If you look at the movies he's made in the past five years, he's had as much success in Hollywood as just about any other movie star there, outside a small few.

However, the one thing that he didn't do was come back to the WWE. Which made some fans angry, which is understandable in some ways. I mean, the fans basically made him, so why is he not coming back a lot?

This is what John Cena asked a lot in a ton of public forums whenever asked about The Rock. Basically, anytime someone asked the current MAN in WWE about the former MAN, he always had something to say.

Which made things interesting, because if Rock ever came back, WWE's top guy and future would be able to have a pretty good rivalry. One that could last for some time and they wouldn't even have to get in the ring every time to make it interesting. If Rock came back the entire year, I would guarantee Cena/Rock would last for a long period of time.

However, enter The Miz. I don't know if anyone realizes this, but he is the current WWE Champion and has held the belt longer than the past 12 reigning champions, at 126 days to this date. That one reign of The Miz is also longer than any of the seven reigns The Rock had as WWE Champion. How's that for a history lesson?

Also, add in the fact that The Miz is also a former multi-time Tag Team Champion and one of the longest reigning United States Champions in recent memory. So, he is a legit threat, but an oversight, which is a pretty good idea simply because if you have two pop culture icons bumping heads, then you have the current WWE Champion seen as just another guy.

This makes it easy for Cena to get his mind wrapped around Rock and lose to Miz at Mania, extending Miz's streak to an iconic 2-0 at Mania. Phew, look out Taker!

After Mania, obviously Rock/Cena won't be over. There is no way it could be, after all, you have two icons out there, and after Mania it's just over? What??

This is why a match has to be on tap, but the question is when? I mean, how could they wait to Mania next year for us to see it? This means it has to be sooner rather than later. We all know whatever event this match happens at will sell out and be watched by millions.

Even if you don't like Cena, you're gonna watch this rivalry just to see his reactions to The Rock, with vice versa with Rock. So, we know with these two bulls on the card, people will watch. But when could we have this match?

Some would say as soon as humanly possible! And I'm with you, I want to see it happen.

But why so soon? Why not hold off on it, at least for a little while?

This may be kind of a bad example for my usual audience, but it's like a stripper. If she comes out fully nude, you may be somewhat happy, but the tease she does in taking it all off makes you enjoy her more. So that when the big thing happens and she has it all off, you are happier than you would have been had she just come out with nothing on.

It's the same thing with The Rock and John Cena. WWE can tease the crap out of this and there is a ton of things they can do. Hell, have Cena attack Rock on a movie set, in his house, etc. Have Rock attack Cena, costing him championships and matches.

Then all the sudden you have something you can build on, and something that fans will be foaming at the mouth to see happen. Then when that day does come, people will buy like there is no tomorrow!

I personally think the match should happen at Summer Slam. It's a big PPV for WWE and it gives WWE enough time to tease us and set up an amazing story.

If the match happens sooner than then, I'm not sure the build-up story would be as epic. Think about it, these are two huge names in the wrestling industry and both have had made their mark in Hollywood, with one with a bigger mark than the other.

So, WWE can't screw this one up. There are certain things you just can't mess up. One of them was Taker/Michaels, which WWE did a pretty darn good job with, the other was Rock/Hogan, which was also a success. Next on the list is Cena/Rock.

If WWE messes this up, it could be disastrous. But if they do well, things could pick up big time for them. 2011 could be the year of new beginnings for WWE if they can pull Rock/Cena off well.

I don't care whose heel or face is, just don't mess it up. That's all we the fans ask, WWE.

But am I wrong to ask this? Should we even see a Rock/Cena match? If so, when?