Where Are the Oakland A's and San Francisco Giants?

Jonathan ColombContributor IOctober 2, 2008

The baseball playoffs are here and if you are a fan of Bay Area baseball teams—you have nothing to root for during the remainder of October.

The Giants were finally put out of their misery after 162 games of the worst baseball I have ever seen. The final game against the Dodgers was like watching the final scenes of "Old Yeller" (that sick doggy snuff film produced by Disney)—you were sad to see the season end but you were just happy to not have to see the Giants embarrass Tbthemselves any longer.

Oakland's season was not much better. They came into 2008 by trading away every good player they have ever had then proceeded to look like a decent team until choking away the season in the final month and a half.

So after watching the embarrassing debacle that was Bay Area baseball all year and not being rewarded with a playoff team, I want to give you people a couple of reasons to watch the playoffs this year anyways.

1) The extension of the Cubs curse. Although the Cubs started Curseto 2008 season as the odds-on favorite to win the World Series from the National League, they have looked rather mundane in the last month or so. Their best pitcher Zambrano pitched a no-hitter against the Astros then got shelled in the final two appearances before the playoffs. They will lose the series to the streaking Los Angeles Dodgers. Cubs fans: prepare for another 100 years of mediocrity.

2) The Angels getting stomped Angelsby the Red Sox one more time. Despite the fact that the Angels beat the Red Sox eight out of nine times in head to head meetings during the regular season, they will be dominated by the Red Sox in the post season.

The Red Sox have been there too many times. Experience can often trump talent any day—ask the New Orleans Hornets about their first round matchup with the Spurs. So, as a Oakland A's fan, I may not be able to see Frank Thomas hit home runs in the postseason but it as almost as satisfying to see the Angels get slapped.

3) Watching Sabathia's value go through the roof. SabathiaTired of watching your stocks fall through the floor? Can't stand seeing your 401K decrease and the number of years you need to work before retirement increase? Scared because your financial manager is avoiding your phone calls? In need of some good financial news?

Then you should watch every start that CC Sabathia has in the post season. The guy is nearly unwritable and with every start his value goes up. Every strikeout is like another million dollars the Yankees will have to pay to sign him next season. Recession my foot.

4) A-Rod may make another public Arodannouncement at anytime. Do you remember the World Series last year when the game was interrupted so that A-Rod could announce that he was opting out of his contract with the Yankees?

Clearly A-Rod is bigger than the game itself—even the World Series. This year we can expect A-Rod to announce what he is having for dinner or perhaps what type of Coke he drinks (Zero, Diet, Caffeine Free, Regular, Cherry, etc...). Exciting times.

5) The chance to see the team where your favorite Oakland T1_zitoA will be playing next year. Its no secret that Oakland closer Houston Street is on the trade market as is third baseman Eric Chavez. They are good players but their value has exceeded the Oakland threshold and they will probably be moved to another team during the off season.

So a fun little game for you Oakland fans this post season is to watch the games and figure out where your favorite A's player can fit best next year. Its kinda like playing your own personal game of fantasy baseball.

I know it was a tough season for Bay Area baseball teams and although we don't get a chance to watch any of our teams in the postseason, there are still reasons to enjoy post season baseball this year. And Bay Area fans—don't despair. There is always Warriors basketball.