WWE Wrestlemania Madness: Am I the Only Member of the IWC with Some Hope?

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IMarch 28, 2011

27 years ago, one man had a vision. The vision was to provide the wrestling fans with a grand spectacle which would be the benchmark for all things concerning Sports Entertainment. The dream was to provide a night full of unending entertainment, of “Wild” and relentless passion, supreme in-ring action, drama, emotions and, most importantly, create a platform for wrestlers living their dreams to establish themselves as Legends of the business.

The vision transformed into Wrestlemania. For 27 long years, many have risen, many have fallen, many have made us cry—and many have become Legends on the Grandest Stage of them all.

This year, the WWE has once again done all things possible to give us an event which we can enjoy while ensuring for greater PPV buy rates. But how could the preparations go unnoticed by the watchful eyes of the Internet Wrestling Community? 

Yes, we, the Internet Wrestling Community (condoned by some, appreciated by few) has had its fair share of say as well. From the looks of it, we don’t seem amazed.

While the majority has not shown any interest in the product, I for one am hyped about the product just as much as I used to be earlier.

Wait! How is this possible? How am I, a loyal member of the IWC, supposed to stand behind a product which is not appeasing to my IWC brethren? How am I supposed to show hope towards a show which involves a reality TV Star wrestling in a match while the actual wrestlers are not? The answer, though oddly unsettling, is pretty simple: As much as I can’t agree with the WWE on certain issues, I still love it even though it is imperfect!

I am a wrestling fan who has gone from calling out the WWE for its behavior related to certain wrestlers, to detonating them for ignoring talent over looks, to praising the Independent Circuit to no end.

But after all this, something in me made me continue to come back and watch it, something in me made me go back and still watch WWE rather than watch the Indy’s, which provide some of the best wrestling the world has to offer.

After doing all this, one question kept coming up every time I saw wrestling on television, why couldn’t I accept the fact that I went back on my on words, I couldn’t stand up for my opinions, my analysis on the product and then, while writing the article, it finally hit me…”I Relate WWE to my Life”.

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I relate to the product. Just like in the WWE, a wrestler has to go out of his way to earn himself a title, just like a superstar on screen either winning or losing has to go through a lot of challenges which in the end bear fruit, I too as a teenager am trying to battle hard with challenges and am trying to succeed at life and reach the goals I have set for myself.

Just like Wrestlemania is the grandest stage of them all where superstars can become legends, after going through a lot of pain and practice a person can finally appear for his own Wrestlemania moment, after a lot of hard work.

The truth is, we all have our own Wrestlemania moment. The moment where we have to perform, the moment where if we perform then we will be successful for life. And to perform at our Wrestlemania moment, we have to do a lot of hard work, which basically means that life isn't easy, the long and short of it being it isn’t perfect.

But just as at the end of the day, I sleep with a smile on my face, I wholeheartedly accept the WWE for what it is, I stand behind a product which might not be performing as per the wants of the fans, basically I stand behind WWE even though it is imperfect.

I have realized that a product completely filled with positives won't provide us, the wrestling fans, a lot to talk about: that feeling of anticipation, the urge to debate and discuss angles won't exist if everything is perfect. Bottom line: The Product while Imperfect is Still something I love.

Whether the IWC Gods will agree with me or not is secondary, but the bottom-line is that I absolutely love it. I love seeing the plethora of lights, colorful fans, big screens, a fruity pebble as the face of the WWE.

I know that these are hard pills to swallow for many wrestling fans who have been watching the show for ages, which have actually seen the Golden Era of wrestling unfold in front of their eyes, who have witnessed the days of Glory.

But the truth is, the IWC can’t do anything until and unless Vince decides to do something. The power is in his hands and not ours, and as opposed to popular belief, we too have played into his hands, the recent victory of none other than John Cena in the March Mark Madness tournament is proof of it.

Now, the decision is ours, whether we want to sit back and enjoy the product for what it is, or use a magnifying lens to find out its flaws.

The choice is ours, but as far as I am concerned, I will be happily waving the “WWE Banner” all my life and “MARKING OUT” (Yes! I said it) every time I am watching WWE.