WWE: 10 Storylines We'd Love to See for the Rock

RTV@rtvwowContributor IIMarch 28, 2011

WWE: 10 Storylines We'd Love to See for the Rock

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    When The Rock returned to RAW on February 14, he said he would not go away again. Understandably, most fans are skeptical about this, given his Hollywood career. Whether or not he stays indefinitely though, I'm sure he'll stay for some time past WrestleMania, and some reports have him staying until Summerslam. We'll have to wait and see about all of that, but, within the realms of possibility, if we had our dream stories for Rocky, what would they be?

    There are some notable exceptions here: Rock vs. Austin, because I believe those two have all the closure they need; and The Rock being announced as the anonymous GM. Though that would be cool, I think we'd all much rather see him in the ring.

Under Rocky's Wing: John Morrison

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    John Morrison is a phenomenal athlete, and has the potential to be a very good wrestler, but he has struggled to break through to the main event. There are two reasons for this: Firstly, he is one of the worst mic-workers in the WWE, and secondly, he hasn't had any really gritty storylines to get him over as a hard, resilient talent. Growing a beard doesn't quite cut it.

    At some time in the aftermath of WrestleMania, The Miz could for whatever reason engage in a beatdown of Morrison, only for Rock (who obviously has beef with Miz) to come out and make the save, leading to a tag match and the association between Rock and Morrison. It would be too far to make them into a full-fledged tag team, but if they could be embroiled in a big, multi-PPV story (perhaps with Miz and Cena), it would be great for JoMo. Hopefully, if they cut a couple of promos together, JoMo could learn something about delivering them himself!

Feud with an Up-and-Comer

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    In a similar vein, it would also be great for The Rock to give a rub to an-up-and comer through a well-written feud. I've chosen Dolph Ziggler as an example, but there are obviously lots of younger guys who could benefit from screen time with The Rock.

    For someone like Dolph Ziggler, or Cody Rhodes, someone that hasn't yet quite broken through to the very top tier, a feud with The Great One could be what they need to finally break through to the main event, especially if they're allowed to go over The Rock in a big match.

    The story could be that during a Rock promo, Ziggler could come out and say he's sick of old guys stealing the limelight from the new generation of headliners such as himself before attacking the Rock with a weapon or something, and on from there.

Miz's Idolization of the Rock

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    At Wrestlemania XIX, Chris Jericho took on Shawn Michaels as part of a story in which he was desperate to defeat his idol on the grandest stage of them all.

    Given that the Miz and The Rock already have heat, there could be a great feud between these two after WrestleMania. It is clear that The Rock is one of the Miz's biggest influences, so there is definitely scope for a similar angle here. Given his particular kind of arrogance, Miz could start saying he is more electrifying and a better entertainer than the Rock. I can definitely see him going around calling himself "the most electrifying WWE champion in history."

Rock vs. Punk

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    If there is one person who hasn't faced The Rock that could spar with him verbally, it is CM Punk.

    I imagine this feud actually being relatively similar to the current one between The Rock and John Cena. Punk has always been great at making logical, righteous points about babyfaces, and there are certainly criticisms to be made of The Rock.

    It would have a whole different character with Punk though. For one thing, the respect a lot of wrestling fans have for Punk will make people question their relationship with The Rock even more. He could attack the Rock for pandering to the fans with meaningless and crude catchphrases while he's in the ring every week, not for the fans, but for himself, and so on and so on.

    Also, while The Nexus is most probably dead, if they were to be revived, The Rock would be a good figurehead to fight against them.

Rock vs. Mysterio for the First Time

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    I understand that when asked some time ago which current WWE superstars he would like to have faced in his career, The Rock included Rey Mysterio in the list.

    The fact that these two missed each other in WWE would make this match even more compelling, and the strikingly different styles of the two would make for a unique series of matches.

    This could start again during a Rock promo after he makes a throwaway comment about beating everyone there is to beat in the business. Cue Rey Mysterio.

Rock and Austin Team up One More Time

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    I'm not interested in seeing Rock vs. Austin again. They are well known as friends, and ever since Rocky finally managed to beat Stone Cold, I think they have all the closure they need. Their characters are best used in conjunction with current WWE talents.

    That said, they might be well deployed working together against a teem of heels. For instance, if the Corre continue to grow, they could be a great force to combat the dominance of Wade Barrett's faction.

Rock, Jericho and Unfinished Business

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    In 2001, The Rock and Chris Jericho became embroiled in a heated feud during the Invasion storyline. Jericho as a heel really got under Rock's skin and eventually became the first ever Undisputed Champion after beating The Rock with a low blow and a Rock Bottom.

    Ten years later after both men, especially Jericho, have matured, there could no doubt be some more memorable moments and matches between these two great talkers.

The Rock Chases the Streak

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    The Rock is arguably the most high-profile wrestler to have not challenged The Undertaker for The Streak.

    A returning Rock would have to be considered a huge threat to the Streak, given that people don't usually make special appearances at WrestleMania only to lose. However, I think Rock would be happy to lose if it meant a great build-up and match. And the Undertaker could do little better than The Rock if he's looking for one final victim at WrestleMania—that is, if suspicions that 'Taker will retire once he goes 20-0.

Rock vs. HHH One Last Time

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    The Rock against Triple H was one of the most iconic rivalries of the Attitude Era, and unlike with Stone Cold, they don't have quite the closure in their feud.

    Like with his match with Austin at WrestleMania XIX, this one last match could be a final settlement between these two gladiators.

    Seeing these two square up one more time would be one of the most memorable moments in recent times.

Rock-Cena (Icon vs. Icon II)

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    Though WrestleMania 27 is only days away, it is important to note that next year's event is in The Rock's hometown of Miami.

    WWE wont have Rock come in and beat Cena when he's their top babyface, but Rock wont be wrestling his final match in his hometown at WrestleMania and end up losing. This means a Cena heel-turn is necessary. 

    At WrestleMania, I believe Miz will retain his WWE Championship and Cena, furious at losing the championship as well as all the attention Rock has taken away from "The Champ," would attack The Rock in the aftermath of the main event. Cue heel-turn and a year of everyone loving Cena as a heel. Sometime around the next Royal Rumble, the first Hall of Fame inductee is announced, and it's Miami's own, The Rock. This re-introduces him to TV and Cena comes out to confront him for, again, stealing his spotlight, and on the story would go from there...