Why Does LSU Hate Nick Saban?

Jared CoxContributor IOctober 2, 2008

To start, I've been an Alabama fan since I can possibly remember. I grew up chanting "Roll Tide" and have done so through the good years and the bad.

Secondly, I've been an SEC fan since I can remember. I am always proud to see what I consider the best conference in the nation taking it to the Trojans, Buckeyes, Longhorns, and whomever else the team plays.

Thirdly, I have always said if I was not a 'Bama fan, I would be an LSU fan because I admire the heart that their fans and players have always shown.

But, man, now every week I get on the Internet to read about Alabama and/or Nick Saban, and all I see is LSU fans straight-up whining and griping about Saban. And I've got to ask...why do you hate him so much?

Saban restored your program, brought you a national championship, and players to win a second. He left not out of hatred toward LSU, but because he wanted probably two things: more money and a chance at the pros.

Whats wrong with that? He's not the first coach to do it, and wouldn't you do the same? Name one person that wouldn't leave their job for one that pays twice as much and offers a chance to showcase their abilities. So sorry if he didn't stay, but that's life.

The days of the Joe Paternos and Bear Bryants is coming to an end. It's going to be hard to find a coach that has a chance to go on to something better, but will stay put out of love.

Does Les Miles get ridiculed by Oklahoma State fans for leaving them, or does Urban Meyer get death threats from the University of Utah? If you say, "Well it's 'cause he came back to the same conference," then what about Steve Spurrier? He did the exact same thing, but I don't think he's getting much grief from Florida. 

As an Alabama fan, I don't expect Saban to stay forever, but I'll tell you one thing: I'm glad he's here while he is, and LSU fans should've felt the same.

He brought you a national championship, he brought you pride, he brought you some great years. So why would you hate him? He wasn't your girlfriend, and he didn't marry you, so all these hateful statements about how he left make you sound, to be honest, like a jealous ex-lover. 

And it's gone past yelling and screaming; Saban is actually riding on a separate bus to the game in Death Valley this year for the other coaches' and the players' safety. I must ask, is that truly the type of statement you want to send to the nation?

I love, and I mean love Alabama football, and I hate Auburn. But I don't plan on actually hurting anyone, and I've never seen such effort being put into hating and ridiculing, not a team, but a coach.

There are YouTube videos left and right posted by LSU fans that took quite a bit of effort to make—just to show their hatred of Saban. Why not spend the time showing your love of LSU, instead of Saban hate?

I guess it just boggles me. So could someone please explain it?