Floyd Mayweather Envies Manny Pacquiao's Rise in Stardom

Troy SparksColumnistMarch 27, 2011

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 14:  Manny Pacquiao addresses the media at a press conference to promote his upcoming fight with Shane Mosley at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers on February 14, 2011 in New York City.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather won't stop running his mouth against Manny Pacquiao. In a phone interview on the "Carmen, Jurko and Harry" radio show on ESPN Chicago, he was asked if a fight with Manny Pacquiao was in his future plans.

"I'm an American citizen," he said, ducking the question, "and I represent the red, white and blue. And the only thing I want is for the people in America to stand behind me."

As usual, Mayweather didn't give a straight answer. The guys on the show wanted a simple answer, which he couldn't give.

Then Mayweather said, "It's so crazy that I'm in my own country, and I have a lot of people against me. Our country is a great country, it's a clean country, and all I ask him to do is to take the test."

I think Pacquiao was ready to take the blood test. Floyd is very naive if he thinks that all professional boxers in America avoid taking some kind of performance-enhancing drugs. The stuff that was injected into Mayweather's hands was a drug, wasn't it? It eased the pain in his hands, but it was a drug.

Mayweather is jealous because Pacquiao is now the face of boxing and the No. 1 pound-for-pound king.  He also accuses Pacquiao of being a copycat by fighting the same opponents that he did, and I think that's true.

"When you sit back and think about it," Mayweather said, "I beat (Oscar) De La Hoya at a weight that De La Hoya wanted to fight at. (Pacquiao) beat De La Hoya at a catchweight, where De La Hoya killed himself to make a certain weight class.

"I beat Ricky Hatton and he followed right behind me. He goes and fight Ricky Hatton a year later. The list goes on. I just beat Shane Mosley. Now he wants to fight Shane Mosley. When Shane Mosley beat Antonio Margarito, then he goes to fight Antonio Margarito. Antonio Margarito beats Miguel Cotto, then he goes to fight Miguel Cotto. I'm just saying. That's how it goes."

Boy, there's a lot of pent-up frustration in the undefeated and idle boxer's voice.  Mayweather also mentioned that Pacquiao is just a creation of the media, who built him up and created this marketing image for boxing that he is now.

Mayweather said on the show that it would be abnormal for him to lose a fight but normal for Pacquiao because he lost three fights in his career and has been knocked out twice.

"Money" is just wondering why Pacquiao gets all the attention and why he's being ignored. People are getting tired of him ducking the Filipino. What is Pacquiao to do when he's ready to fight Mayweather but the Vegas chicken sits back clucking on a Chicago sports radio show? 

Pacquiao is training right now and Mayweather is sitting at home flapping his gums.

Take the test, Mayweather says, and there will be a fight. Pacquiao can take the blood test and still be suckered by Mayweather.

We want Mayweather to stop talking trash and fight Pacquiao. And if he beats the Pac Man, then he can pick the Filipino up off the canvas—assuming that Floyd knocks him out—and take him out the back door with the rest of the trash.