Five Reasons to Love Michael Crabtree

Bryan FordCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2008

There have been lots of five articles lately, so I thought I would join the party.  So here are five reasons I love the NCAA's best wide receiver Michael Crabtree of  Texas Tech University.

5.  The number five

Great for lists.  Jeff Bagwell's number.  A super rating for a Bleacher Report article.  Five Alarm Chili. Five o'clock shadow, half of a perfect ten, five star hotels, Hi-fives, and Michael Crabtree.  A great number for a great player indeed!

4. He loves fashion!

I'm guessing that as you read this you are wearing pants  (if you are not, please don't read any further because you are giving my article the koodies. Gross!). And since you are a fashionable person they are probably super cool pants.  Well Michael would like to design your pants someday.  Because he is so fantastic at everything, they will probably be great pants and you will want to wear them.  Eventually we will all be wearing our Crabtrees!

3. One word: Crab

First off a crab is a delicious dweller of the sea.  They come in many different shapes and sizes. When you eat them you get to use a hammer and a small forklike crab torture device.  I like the ones from Alaska that they made a show about.  It taught me that even when being captured crabs are dangerous!  Don't forget they also have powerful pinchers (This helps explain Michael's strong pass catching hands!). One final statement on Crabs...the Krusty Krab and Mr. Krabs! Take that Plankton.

2. One more word: Tree

While not being delicious like crabs, trees have a lot to offer.  If you didn't have a computer to spend your time on, you might be doing something productive, like writing a letter to your parents.  Probably one that talks about how great last weeks fox hunt went and how you can't wait to spend some time on your yacht with your new gal Hayden Pantierre. 

Well hotshot, that letter would be written on paper that came from some type of tree!  Trees also offer shade and produce oxygen.  They are also used to make baseball bats, guitars and super forts.  Sweet, trees are totally awesome. 

1.  Amazing athletic ability!

We know he is a great wide receiver.  Heck, he's the only freshman to ever win the Biletnikoff Award.  It goes to the best wide receiver in college football. He earned it by scoring 22 TDs, and having almost 2,000 yards receiving from 134 receptions.

So he must have been a huge WR recruit coming out of Dallas Carter High School...right? 

Nope, he played quarterback in high school.  But most colleges wanted to make him into a safety.  Like that silly school Texas A&M.  He laughed at their offer and the talent on their roster and said "I'm going to Tech!"  It should also be known that he was considered a top 50 basketball recruit coming out of the state of Texas. 

So let's go down the checklist...great speed...Check. Good size...Check. Nice vertical...Check. Great intelligence to turn down Texas A&M and sign with Texas Tech...Check.

So thank you Michael Crabtree for being so amazingly loveable.  Also thanks for giving us Texas Tech fans and college football fans the chance to see you perform amazing feats on the field as a wide receiver. 

Your name conjures up thoughts of two tremendous living creatures on this Earth.  Without either man would surely have died off long ago.  Thanks for finally bringing them together. I love you Crabtree!