WWE Wrestlemania XXVII: 5 Reasons Why Alberto Del Rio Will Defeat Edge

Charlie GSenior Writer IMarch 28, 2011

WWE Wrestlemania XXVII: 5 Reasons Why Alberto Del Rio Will Defeat Edge

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    As we all know, Alberto Del Rio won the 2011 Royal Rumble match back in January, thus granting him a World title shot at a champion of his choosing. Del Rio chose Smackdown's World Heavyweight Champion, Edge.

    Their match at "The Grandest Stage of 'em All" is quickly approaching.

    All of us fans have an idea of who we want to win. Anyone who wants Del Rio to win, I'm right there with you.

    I believe Del Rio will be the new World Heavyweight Champion after Wrestlemania. Why?

    Here are five reasons.

5.) Del Rio Has Backup

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    Big Brodus Clay can be a big factor in the outcome of this match.

    Del Rio's personal bodyguard can cost Edge the match and the championship belt. Being a student of Del Rio's, I expect Brodus to be ringside and do anything to help his mentor win.

    Think about it. Clay isn't booked for anything this Wrestlemania. Could we see Clay help win the title for Del Rio?

4.) History of the Rumble

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    How many people won the Royal Rumble then went to Wrestlemania and came out a World Champion? A lot, right?

    Sure, you can say that hasn't happened since 2007 when The Undertaker did it, but how many did do it?

    Only a handful of superstars won the Rumble then lost at Wrestlemania. Edge, Orton, Cena and a few others.

3.) Edge's History at Wrestlemania

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    Edge has five wins and four losses at Wrestlemania. All four losses have happened the past four years in a row—fact.

    Edge lost in a Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania 23.

    At Wrestlemania 24, Edge lost a World Heavyweight Championship match against The Undertaker.

    Edge fell short in a World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 25 against John Cena and Big Show.

    Most recently Chris Jericho defeated Edge at Wrestlemania 26 just a year ago.

    Edge is in a Wrestlemania slump, losing the past four years in a row. The numbers don't lie.

2.) Christian

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    If Brodus Clay gets involved, then I'd expect Christian to come help Edge.

    Or will he?

    Will Christian come out, take out Clay, then turn on Edge? Attack his best friend and turn heel, letting Del Rio steal the victory and the title that goes with it.

    Everyone wants to see Edge vs. Christian. It seemed like WWE was going to give us that awhile ago, but now both are face and best friends again.

    Christian turning heel will give this match more attention and make it more memorable and set up a Edge and Christian feud that everyone's waiting for.

1.) It's His Destiny!

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    Del Rio said it was his destiny to win the Royal Rumble and well, it was. He delivered. He won the biggest match of his career...so far.

    He has been saying that it is his destiny to win the belt at Wrestlemania, and there is no denying destiny.