WWE: You Know You Watch Too Much Wrestling When...Top 25 Fan Responses

Angel CervantesContributor IIIMarch 27, 2011

The comment section of the first two editions of this series absolutely blew up.

So many readers provided hilarious additions to my list so when someone suggested I put the best ones in the third edition, I thought it was a great idea.

I narrowed down all of the comments to the top 25. Here they are:

25. You watch a boxing match and wonder who is the heel and who is the face.

24. You watch political debates and when one of the candidates says, "I will be your next..." you expect him to say, "WWE Champion!"

23. When you believe there is no such thing as watching too much wrestling. 

22. Your history teacher mentions the "American Dream," and you immediately think of Dusty Rhodes.

21. You take a sip from a water bottle and instinctively spit it out Triple H style.

20. You do submission moves on your friends to see if they really hurt.

19. You debate with someone whether something is true or not, you go, "Oh, it's true. It's DAMN true!"

18. For charity, you donate $1000 of your company's money to the Hart Foundation.

17. You're at a BBQ and someone offers you a beer and you insist they throw it to you Stone Cold style.

16. You wonder why firemen are always going for the Attitude Adjustment.

15. A new kid comes to your school and nobody knows him or talks to him...you think to yourself, "He just isn't over with the school yet."

14. You try to buy something that isn't for sale and you yell, "EVERYONE'S GOTTA PRICE!"

13. You think Citizen Kane is a WWE Film.

12. You yell, "BOTCH," after your grandmother falls down the stairs.

11. You're leaving the store and someone shouts at you, "Have a nice day!" You turn around and shout, "BANG! BANG!" while doing the gun hand motions.

10. You think Wolverine ripped off his catchphrase from Chris Jericho.

9. When someone asks you your name, you slowly raise your hand in the air as if a microphone was dropping from the ceiling and then proceed to say, "Miiiiiiiisterrrrrrrrr...(Insert last name)." They then try to speak and you interrupt them, "(Insert last name)."

8. When you hear the word, 'Hulk,' you think red and yellow, not green.

7. A friend begins to grow a beard and you see it as a sign of an imminent heel turn.

6. You get up on stage for a speech and start yelling, "EXCUSE ME!!!'

5. Someone punches you or slaps you for real and you casually walk off and then do a Flair face-first flop.

4. You're being introduced to someone for the first time and you yell, "It doesn't matter what your name is!"

3. You watch someone get slapped and you yell, "WOOOOOO!!!"

2. You give your girlfriend or wife a hug from behind and wonder if you should German Suplex her.

1. You fart and ask someone if he or she smells what you're cooking.