2008 NFL Power Rankings For Week Five

J.J. McDermottCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2008

J.J. McDermott, NFL Columnist at Fantasy Football Maniaxs

Week four was a blast from the past!  Many veterans stood out all around the NFL.  Even Brett Favre, who is about to turn thirty nine in the coming weeks did something he never has done before by throwing six touchdown passes.  It was definitely a crazy week but without further ado, I present Week Five NFL Power Rankings!

32.  Rams  0-3-0


Scott Linehan is officially gone after a horrendous start in St. Louis.  After pulling franchise quarterback, Marc Bulger for beat up veteran, Trent Green, it seems as though it was the end of the line for Linehan and his 0 and 3 record in 2008. 

31.  Lions  0-3-0

Lions fans are glad Matt Millen may finally be gone but their imaginary defense refuses to help their team stay in any game so far this season.  So much for the run first offense we were told about all off season.

30.  Bengals  0-4-0

The Carson Palmer-less Bengals took the field Sunday in a must win situation only to be beaten by the previously win-less Browns.  Palmer’s status is uncertain for this week’s game, even if he is ready to play; he would have to face an angry Cowboys team out for revenge after last week’s shocking loss.

29.  Texans  0-3-0

Welcome to 2008, Matt Shaub!  Ok, so maybe the Texans have yet to win a game this season but they seem to be improving with each week.  Will Shaub continue to play at a high level like in week four and will the defense finally play to form?

28.  Raiders  1-3-0

Was firing Lane Kiffin the right decision in Oakland?  After being in contention to win the previous two games, the Raiders defense has given up in the fourth quarter equaling two losses instead of wins.  Kiffin should not have been on the chopping block, Rob Ryan should have.  The ‘Crypt Keeper’ is thirty years past his time and the Raiders will continue to see hard times as long as Davis continues to run the organization.

27.  Chiefs  1-3-0

Surprise!  After veteran Damon Huard controlled the offense and two hundred yards later by Larry Johnson, the Chiefs have come up with their first win of 2008.  Sadly for Johnson, he has to deal with the Panthers and Titans run defenses next.

26.  Dolphins  1-2-0

After humiliating the Patriots in week three, the Dolphins face LaDainian Tomlinson and the up and coming Chargers.  Will Ronnie Brown continue his recent success or will Tomlinson have the last laugh on Sunday?

25.  Browns  1-3-0

It is not time to head to the Dog Pound just yet.  It may not have been pretty but the Browns pulled off their first win against the punch less Bengals.

24.  Falcons  2-2-0

The Falcons have won two games against two bad teams but have fought and lost against two good teams.  In their two losses this season, Michael Turner has been none existent and has totaled under a hundred yards on both occasions; I wonder what needs to change.

23.  49ers  2-2-0

The 49ers thought they would sneak in a win against what they though was a poor receiving core in New Orleans but were sadly mistaken.  They did manage to hold Reggie Bush in check on Sunday but are stuck facing larger tasks in the coming weeks and will need to protect their quarterback after totaling up nineteen sacks in just the first four games.

22.  Vikings  1-3-0

Losing against a tough 4 and 0 Titans team is nothing to be ashamed of but we would expect more from such a talented Vikings team.

21.  Seahawks  1-2-0

They have gone from no receivers to getting back their top two receiving threats in Bobby Engram and Deion Branch just in time for week fives showdown against the reigning world champion Giants.  Now if only the defense would step it up, the Seahawks may be back.

20.  Cardinals  2-2-0

They got pulverized for 56 points against Brett Favre and the revived Jets offense.  They did fight back in the second half but where was Kurt Warner’s protection?

19.  Jets  2-2-0

The Jets were soaring sky high on Sunday.  At age thirty eight, apparently Brett Favre was not ready to retire and it showed, he threw for six touchdowns on the day surpassing his previous career high of five.  Another positive for Jets fans, it also looks as though Lavernanues Coles is finally giving up on his temper tantrum and is joining the party in the Meadowlands after catching three touchdown passes in the first half of Sunday’s game.

18.  Bears  2-2-0


The defense has stepped it up in Chicago and I can honestly agree that Kyle Orton has played well, yes I repeat, Kyle Orton, has played well thus far this season for the Bears. 

17.  Colts  1-2-0

They had a week to get their mind back in the game after starting off the season a surprising 1 and 2.  A game against the Texans might be the right medicine for the Colts to get back to .500 in week five.

16.  Saints  2-2-0

Let’s check the receiving core, no Marques Colston, Jeremy Shockey, and a limited David Patten.  Got that?  Well Drew Brees and Deuce McAllister delivered a well needed performance Sunday even without the aforementioned starters above.

15.  Packers  2-2-0

Packer fans can breathe easier after Aaron Rodgers injury has turned out to only be a shoulder strain and not a shoulder separation like first thought.  The Packers are dealing with many injuries on both sides of the ball but are going to need a well rested Rodgers Sunday if they want to have a chance against a youthful but dangerous Falcons team.

14.  Patriots  2-1-0

The Patriots needed their bye week to get their heads back in check after an embarrassing week three loss to the Dolphins.  Now how will they respond in week five?

13.  Ravens  2-1-0

They’re alive!  The defense that is, the Ravens defense of old has shown up for them in 2008.  A 2 and 1 record to begin the season?  Not too shabby for a Ravens team sporting a rookie quarterback.

12.  Jaguars  2-2-0

David Garrard and the Jaguars are now back on track after a rough start to the season.  Losing to the undefeated Bills and Titans are not laughable at this point so let’s see how the Jaguars continue to play.

11.  Eagles  2-2-0

The Eagles came up short against a tough Bears defense and had to settle for their second straight loss.  Hope is on the horizon in Philadelphia; Brian Westbrook’s health is rumored to be improving quickly.  They will be needing Westbrook’s help this week against a confident Redskins team coming off its victory against the Cowboys.

10.  Chargers  2-2-0

How can you fall behind 15 to nothing against the Raiders?  The Chargers come from behind win against the Raiders shows us what they are capable of as a team.  On another positive note, L.T. showed up in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game as his health continues to get better with each game.

9.  Broncos  3-1-0

The Broncos luck came up short on Sunday, losing a stunner to the previous win-less Chiefs.  After winning two close games in a row, the Chiefs exposed how to beat the Denver defense.  No joke match-ups against the Buccaneers and Jaguars are must wins in the coming weeks and will be larger tasks for this extremely gifted Broncos team.

8.  Buccaneers  3-1-0

Go figure, the Brian Griese led Buccaneers are now 3 and 0 while Griese has been at the helm.  Griese plays another former team, the Broncos, in week five so we’ll see if he can continue his magic and give the Buccaneers a 4 and 1 record to begin the season.

7.  Steelers  3-1-0

It wasn’t pretty but the Steelers fought back to win against a tough Ravens team in week four.  The Steelers running game is under question currently with Willie Parker still injured and 2007 first round pick, Rashard Mendenhall now out for the season.  Will the Steelers current string of good luck fizzle out soon?

6.  Panthers  3-1-0

The Panthers beat a tough young Falcons team on Sunday but the real story is Steve Smith.  After catching his first touchdown of the season, Smith recovered the touchdown ball and handed it to fellow teammate Ken Lucas, the player whom he had punched during the preseason.  It seems that Smith and his Panthers team has finally come together but it should be interesting to see how they fair after two starting offensive linemen are now injured.

5.  Bills  4-0-0

Trent Edwards is the miracle man in Buffalo?  The Bills have played hard and are a gifted team but until they face more difficult teams, it remains to be seen if they can keep their undefeated record.

4.  Titans  4-0-0

Still no Vince Young?  No problem!  Kerry Collins may be older than dirt but he has taken charge of this Titans team, bringing them to a 4 and 0 start for the first time in franchise history.  The Titans are making plays on defense and offense now, but it should be interesting to see what Vince Young’s role is when he is ready to rejoin the team.

3.  Cowboys  3-1-0

Wake up!  The Cowboys dropped a close game to their rival Redskins but it may just be the wakeup call the Boys’ needed after all.  The big question is, what happened to the running game Sunday?  Marion “The Barbarian” Barber accounted for only eight rushes on the whole day!

2.  Redskins  3-1-0

THUD.  That is the sound of Cowboy fans hearts everywhere after Sunday’s upset.  Even without Jason Taylor, the Redskins pulled off quite possibly the best upset of the season thus far.  Will they be able to continue to stay a top of our Power Rankings chart for long?

1.  Giants  3-0-0

After a bye week, the Giants were able to get some rest and officially are atop of the NFC without even having to lift a finger after the Cowboys meltdown loss in week four. 

This is the way the rankings look for right now; tune in next week once again to see how your team fairs!


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