Kofi Kingston on His Way Out of the WWE?

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIMarch 27, 2011

WrestleMania is fast approaching and Kofi Kingston is not on the WrestleMania card. Unless he cashes in his rematch clause for the Intercontinental Championship on Wade Barrett or somehow gets involved in the Kane and Big Show versus the Corre match, as was initially rumored, Kingston will miss out on his second WrestleMania.

Which begs the question, how did Kofi Kingston fall so far? This time last year, he was scheduled to win the Money in the Bank ladder match until the plans leaked out and it was switched to Swagger.

During his run on Raw with Randy Orton, Kingston looked like a future main event-talent and even had a No. 1 Contender's Match for the WWE title.

But now not only is he not on the WrestleMania card, but the WWE are also phasing out his merchandise on WWEshop.com, getting rid of anything Kofi-related for greatly reduced prices.

If it is the case that Vince McMahon has had enough of the "Boom Factor" then the question has to be asked: Why?

We know that the reason Kingston's push faltered and he was sent to SmackDown was due to Randy Orton's condemnations and criticisms, but there has to be another reason.

Perhaps Kofi has broken the Wellness Policy and was found with drugs in his system, but that is pure speculation.

The more likely reason is that McMahon has decided that Kingston is not good enough. Much the same as in the case of Shelton Benjamin, he has perhaps decided to fire a talented wrestler who can provide incredible spots, is over with the live crowd but is boring and bland on the microphone.

I hope that this is not the end of the road for Kofi Kingston in the WWE as he does have potential, but even if he is not part of the post-WrestleMania clean-up then I feel that he will be relegated to lower mid-card status for the rest of his career.