WWE WrestleMania XXVII: What Is Each Superstar Thinking?

Angel CervantesContributor IIIMarch 27, 2011

So picture the scenario: it’s the day of WrestleMania and emotions are running wild.

What is going through the heads of the superstars that are competing on the big stage? Have no fear, I have the answers and have you covered.

This is exactly what they are thinking: 

The Rock: Fast Five better break records.

John Cena: Why do so many people hate me?

The Miz: Who's the Marty Jannetty now?

The Undertaker: Is this the last time?

Triple H: Anything Shawn can do, I can do better.

Alberto Del Rio: Haha, this is supposed to be hard?

Edge: Am I ever going to win at WrestleMania again?

Christian: I’m so close.

Randy Orton: Left out of a World Title match again?

CM Punk: The Miz? It was supposed to be me and Cena.

Michael Cole: Hey IWC, did that fa**ot Jim Ross ever have a WrestleMania match?

Jerry Lawler: I finally make my WrestleMania wrestling debut and it’s against…Michael Cole?

Jack Swagger: I wonder if they remember I was World Champion.

Steve Austin: Owen, Owen, Owen (shakes head)…sigh.

John Morrison: Really?

Trish Stratus: I hope I didn’t make a mistake.

Snooki: Are my 15 minutes up?

Dolph Ziggler: So wait…I can say I was World Champion right?

Lay: What am I going to do once they break us up? Cool: What am I going to do once Mark retires?

Vickie Guerrero: Eddie would be proud.

Rey Mysterio: How many more Mexicans are they going to bring in?

Cody Rhodes: Who the hell did Ted piss off?

Daniel Bryan: Is this as far as I’ll go? (Thinks)...I’m okay with that.

Sheamus: I miss jobbing to Triple H.

The Big Show: Looks like I need another break.

Kane: Another WrestleMania, another dollar.

Wade Barret: It could always be worse…I could be Drew McIntyre.