WWE Breaking News: Michael Cole Tweets Gay Slur to Josh Matthews

Bryan FloryAnalyst IMarch 26, 2011

Courtesy of TMZ
Courtesy of TMZ

TMZ.com and Wrestlezone.com are both reporting that Michael Cole tweeted a gay slur in response to Josh Matthews this afternoon on Twitter.

Cole referred to Matthews as a "faggot."

The post was later taken down, and Cole apologized saying that he didn't mean it to be offensive.

The reports suggest that GLAAD has been contacted, and Cole will receive training to be more accepting of alternative lifestyles.

My take: If you are Michael Cole, how the hell do you post this on Twitter when you have thousands of followers that will see this?

Even if it was not meant to be offensive, why would you post that on a public forum, especially when you are in the public eye?

Obviously, we all realize that Cole is one of the biggest heels in WWE, but I would find it extremely hard to believe if this was a worked idea to get him more heat.

WWE recently has had meetings with GLAAD to discuss toning down the use of homophobic slurs/references on TV, so this is the exact opposite of what WWE would want.

More to come as information is revealed.


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