WWE: Highlights of the Week, March 26th

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIMarch 26, 2011

I would have done these a bit sooner, but having welcomed my son into the world this past week, watching the shows has taken a backseat.

So here I am with my highlights of this week.



Raw once again proved to be a disappointing affair, choosing to go over things that have been said and done. HHH decided to repeat everything he said, and Cole continued to be a giant douche and bury the divas.

Being such a lackluster affair, there really wasn't much competition for my favorite moment.

However, I would have to say that CM Punk attacking Randy Orton outside his tour bus, whilst his fake wife watched on, came pretty close.

With Punk and Orton engaged in a feud that dates back a few years, to when Orton punted Punk and caused him to give up his championship, this was an excellent way to add fuel to the fire.

Orton, having had an interview outside his tour bus earlier on in the night, went on to wrestle against Rey Mysterio in a WrestleMania rewind that served no purpose other than to keep his feud with Punk going.

The match was boring, and I was thankful that Punk popped up to wreak a little bit of havoc.

Orton’s wife, having been shown a week or two earlier, looked noticeably different. Clearly an actress, she should probably stick to waiting tables, as her concern for her supposed husband was unbelievable in every way.

The only other moment that piqued my interest at all was when Miz decided to show us the future.

As it turns out, the future was just the symbol of the WWE turned upside down, to even further facilitate the Age of Awesome.

Although Alex Riley being back was somewhat irksome, I like the direction Miz is going lately. Soon enough, they will probably have to turn him face, as more and more people cheer for him every week.

Dishonorable mention goes to Michael Cole for yet again interrupting a Divas match.

Last time it was understandable because he was doing something straight afterwards. But this time he was doing nothing until a while later, so it is ridiculous of him to do it again.



Barrett winning the Intercontinental Champion.

Having debuted as the leader of Nexus last June, Wade Barrett immediately set his sights on domination in the WWE. He went after the WWE Championship on more than one occasion and was unsuccessful every time.

Then he moved to Smackdown and became a member of The Corre, and proceeded to dominate once again.

Barrett has talent and is very competent in all areas needed to make it big; it was obvious that sooner or later he would hold some gold.

Having been a fan of his since day one, I was very happy seeing him win a title. Having someone as talented as Barrett win the IC title brings some prestige back to it, as he will be on-screen every week.

There may have been a small distraction in the title match, but other than that, he won it on his own. With Kingston going for his finisher, Barrett caught him mid-air and  gave him Wasteland.

With his talent, I thought they would try and push him for the main title and give it to him before anything else. Thankfully they are building his main title win slowly, so as to make him avoid the way of Sheamus.

Hopefully he will have a good reign, and won't lose it soon.

Dishonorable mention goes to Undertaker for making me skip his promo. I can only assume that once again he said what he’s said already, just like HHH has been doing.

I don’t like skipping stuff usually, but this time I did.

Anyone else notice Del Rio botched Christian’s top rope DDT?

Well, that’s it for this week's highlights. Hopefully you enjoyed it.