Calling All Wazzu Students...Here is Your Chance!

Bobby CashContributor IOctober 2, 2008

Every kid has inevitably had the dream. 4th and goal, two seconds on the clock. Scan the field, find the blitz, know your hot receiver, audible, drop back, fade to the corner...Touchdown! Ballgame, winner! 

Well, Washington State students here is your chance! Head coach Paul Wulff will hold campus-wide tryouts for scout team QB. And who knows, at the rate WSU is going through QB's you just might end up being chased by Rey Maualuga against USC.

But think realistically here for a second. What does this actually mean? What level does your team have to be at to open a spot on the roster for any student on campus capable enough to throw a spiral? This could be an all-time low.

Sure those gamers out there who have led Washington State to a NCAA championship in EA's NCAA '09 probably think that this cannot be that tough. And there might actually be a student on WSU's campus who was a decent high school player and wants to give it a shot to see if he could do it.

But what about the average Joes who will more than likely show up because its a chance to play football on a NCAA Division 1 team? How will the rest of the team accept this guy (assuming they find someone who can do the job)?

Remember, this is only a scout team position, which basically means that you are the whipping post for the first team defense.

However, the scout team can be a crucial part to any team. It allows the first teamers to prepare and see an "example" of what the next opponent will look like. Still want the job?

What exactly is the school's AD thinking right now, too? This, no doubt, is a cry for help. But can a student off the streets actually help? This most certainly is not just a publicity stunt, because both of their top two QB's broke their backs.

Thankfully, both will recover, but neither will likely play college football again. So we turn to you, the ol' faithful student body of the Cougars. Is there someone out there willing to do the time?

College sports, especially in Division 1, are no joke. It is basically like a job. And this reporter is worried that this will turn into some sort of stunt and just anybody will show up to tryout.

However, I am interested in seeing the turnout and if anyone can actually fill the shoes of the scout team quarterback.

The tryout will be held on Monday. Let's show 'em what your made of! Cougar pride! And just don't get killed out there.