WWE: You Know You Watch Too Much Wrestling When...(Part 2)

Angel CervantesContributor IIIMarch 26, 2011

Here are 25 more reasons you know you watch too much wrestling:

25. You buy your 4-year old daughter a Ric Flair doll instead of Ken to go with her Barbie doll.

24. You search and search the Bible for the book of Austin.

23. You call the doctor's office and ask for Dr. Death Steve Williams, and for a dentist you ask for Isaac Yankem, DDS.

22. You keep waiting for run-ins during boxing matches.

21. You wear your big Macho Man Styrofoam cowboy hat in public.

20. After you ask for a Big Mac at McDonald's, you yell, "AND THAT'S AN ORDER!"

19. Someone at a party tells a funny joke and you accuse him of trying to get over.

18. You punch someone and stomp the ground to make it sound louder.

17. You walk into church and slap people's hands in the pews while walking down the aisle.

16. You feel the need to do a Ric Flair impersonation before getting on Space Mountain.

15. You have a fight and charge people to watch it.

14. You wont exit the bathroom until they play your theme music.

13. You start high-fiving people you don't know.

12. On a job application, you list your residence as "parts unknown."

11. When a co-worker wins an award that you felt you should have won, you either steal theirs or have your own made.

10. After an exam, your professor tells you to hand in the test and you say, "The only thing I'm handing you is a can of whoop ass, son!"

9. Someone you work with leaves for another job with more money, and you accuse them of being disloyal to the company that made them a star.

8. You go to shake someone's hand and pull back at the last second to smooth down your hair and say, "Wooooooo!"

7. Instead of reading a bedtime story to your kids, you put them in a sleeper hold.

6. You and your co-workers decide to go to a rival company and declare, "We're taking over!"

5. When your professor messes up during a lecture, you yell, "YOU F'D UP, YOU F'D UP!"

4. You pose in a photo with friends and instinctively flash the Four Horsemen sign.

3. You accidentally slip and fall against a table or chair and wonder if you should blade.

2. After you beat someone up, you spray paint their back.

1. You are refereeing a sporting event and just as someone is about to cheat, you turn your head.