WWE WrestleMania 27: 10 Most Ridiculous Ring Attires in WrestleMania History

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IApril 3, 2011

WWE WrestleMania 27: 10 Most Ridiculous Ring Attires in WrestleMania History

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    On the grand stage of WrestleMania, many wrestlers are prone to pull out every stop in order to make it memorable. This also extends into the fashion of the night. Much like how movie stars will dress up for the Oscars, wrestlers pull out elaborate costumes for WrestleMania that act like their version of a wedding dress: wear it once and be remembered for wearing it.

    A lot of different attires at WrestleMania are remembered positively. For instance, the entire toga and Roman coliseum feel for WrestleMania IX went over very favorably. Also, pretty much any clothing worn by women at the event over the years sticks out in people's minds, mainly for the lack of actual clothing in certain instances.

    But just as there are the best dressed, there are also many who are the worst dressed. There are times, like HHH's attire here from WrestleMania 22, that just kind of makes you scratch your head. Was this a cool entrance? Absolutely. Did it make sense that he was wearing so much fur and hold a phony toy hammer? Nope. John Cena's mobster-style entrance that happened a minute later was no better, but neither fall onto the top 10.

Giant Gonzalez

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    The odd one-piece bodysuit worn by Giant Gonzalez lives on as one of the oddest attires of anyone in wrestling history. This is not exactly how he looked at WrestleMania IX against the Undertaker, but it is pretty close. There is hair on the most random of places and the airbrushing to show muscles could have used some better work.

    It is bad enough that this ridiculous costume had to grace us with its presence at a WrestleMania, but it was worse that the match was against the Undertaker. Now, whenever there are promos made about the Undertaker's streak, we have to see this freakishly tall man that looks like he is naked.

    The worst part about Giant Gonzalez is that his main WrestleMania memory is facing the Undertaker and losing via DQ when he took a cloth with "chloroform" and had the Deadman pass out from smelling the liquid. It was a rare disqualification at a WrestleMania and stands to be the only one of the Undertaker's victims that he didn't actually pin or make submit.

Rey Mysterio

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    Rey Mysterio always has unusual attire when he wrestles, especially at WrestleMania. While the average Mysterio appearance has unique color choices, his WrestleMania gear often has a theme of some kind. At last year's WrestleMania when he faced CM Punk, Mysterio went with the fad at the time and dressed like a character from the movie Avatar.

    In any other sense, it would seem like Mysterio was dressed like a baby blue tiger, until the ponytail comes into play. It was just odd and very ugly. Don't worry, though. For those who feel like you don't have your Mysterio fix from this list, he does appear again.

The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust

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    The character of Goldust was one of the oddest gimmicks in wrestling history but went over well-received by fans. Then, things got odd in the late 90's. Suddenly, Goldust did not wish to be Goldust anymore and turned into the Artist Formerly Known as Goldust, a play on Prince changing his name similarly.

    However, TAFKAG became that much more odd. This picture does not even do it justice. Not only were the colors and accessories something straight out of a tormented soul creating a wrestler in a video game, but TAFKAG was dragged around by Luna Vachon, who acted like his dominatrix.

    I don't know exactly what TAFKAG actually wore at WrestleMania when him and Luna faced Marc Mero and Sable at WrestleMania XIV and I'm not sure I really want to know. This picture alone makes me feel uneasy, which means that the gimmick worked to perfection.

Men on a Mission

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    Before being Viscera and Big Daddy V, Nelson Frazier, pictured on the left, was Mabel in the tag team Men on a Mission. The team often wore very bright colors and said they intended on helping the kids in the inner cities. That may have been true, but they are historically looked upon as brothers who wore way too much purple.

    These outfits were every bit of the stereotypical 1990s "we like looking like circus clowns" phase that a lot of people wore at that time. They are still a very bad eyesore, especially when that much material was needed.

Big Show

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    For the second time in a week, I have this as a picture on one of my slideshows. It makes me very uncomfortable to think about this and, while I understand that Big Show facing Akebono was to draw better numbers in Japan, it will likely go down as one of the all-time low points in WrestleMania history. I mean did anyone actually look forward to this?

    God, I can't turn away from this picture...


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    This is one of those attires that has, thankfully, been forgotten by many. Let me do you all the pleasure of rehashing this ugly attire.

    Many wrestling fans know Tori for her time as a manager for Kane and X-Pac, as well as her time with D-Generation X. However, when Tori was just starting out in the WWF, she challenged Sable for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania XV.

    This is quite literally the female version of Giant Gonzalez's attire that we addressed earlier. There are airbrushed abs and tiger stripes. So, is she a woman or a feline? It also blends in way too well to her face and hair that she looks sickly.

Kofi Kingston

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    I enjoy Kofi Kingston and I would love to see him get a nudge closer to the main event. First thing is first; he needs to drop the silly Jamaican gimmick, especially when they have already acknowledged that he is from Ghana.

    Regardless, looking like how he did at WrestleMania last year will also not help. The white trunks is something that I can get over, but the hair style is just unforgivable. In this moment, where Kofi tried to use two halves of a ladder as stilts, it was a very memorable moment of the night. Those odd ponytail-looking things that he has in his hair just ruins this moment, which was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen in a ladder match.

Vickie Guerrero

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    No, Vickie. You are not excused.

    I don't like seeing Vickie Guerrero wrestle at a WrestleMania when there are plenty of Divas that could have been there instead. I know that Vickie is in a lot better shape now than she was at that time, but her splash that was in memory of her late husband, Eddie, was about as painful as her attire.

    Vickie looks like she is trying to be the female sidekick to the Blue Blazer. I also love how she still doesn't have a titantron or entrance music, but she has her own catchphrase on her shirt. What's next; are you gonna have her pin a rising star like John Morrison?

    Oh, right.

Rey Mysterio (again)

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    For Rey Mysterio, when you know that you are going to win a world championship, why would you wear something crazy and idiotic like this?

    Is he a one-man totem pole? Did they reuse this bird to make Swagger's Soaring Eagle costume? What kind of tribe are you celebrating with this, because it better be legit stuff. Tatanka will hunt you down if it isn't.

Elijah Burke

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    What in the world are you wearing, Elijah Burke?

    Even Kevin Thorn is looking at Burke and is confused. Elijah Burke was being pushed as the leader of the New Breed at the time. I can't quite understand why nobody took them seriously.

    At least we know that if Burke doesn't work out in TNA as The Pope, he can always shake maracas in a meringue band.