Cincinnati Bengals-Dallas Cowboys: Chad Ocho Cinco and Terrell Owens

Molly GraySenior Analyst IOctober 2, 2008

With the upcoming match up between the Dallas Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals, it’s hard not to come up with something crazy being said about a game with two of the most vocal wide receivers in the NFL.

Between Terrell Owens’ whining, and Chad Ocho Cinco’s regular antics, quotes abound.

Here are a few things that Ocho Cinco said to Dallas Media on Wednesday regarding this weekend’s game.

After an 0-4 start, are the Bengals ready to do whatever it takes to get a win?

"Man, we are going to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, out there in Dallas. I'm bringing the cold tub, the hot tub, I'm bringing the training room. What else can we do?"

And regarding his name change:

What do we call you? What's your name?

OCHO CINCO: "I'm going to be Ocho until the cows come home."

So our stories should say Chad Ocho Cinco?

OCHO CINCO: "Matter of fact, don't even say Chad."

What are you a Brazilian soccer player?

Yeah, Ocho Cinco. Just one name. I might as well. Hey, Dallas, dude, I ain't never been in Dallas before, but I love y'all. I don't know why.

And it doesn’t stop there, of course the wide receiver had some things to say about his Cowboy counterpart:

Why didn't you come to Dallas?

OCHO CINCO: "You know what? It didn't work out that way. I tried. I talked to 81 almost every day, man. I love 81. We talk all the time. That would've been a circus. Let me tell you, I don't mean to be funny...I'm not trying to be rude or piss anybody off, but if I was in Dallas, they would have to change all of our damn games to pay-per-view because you need to pay to see that (expletive). I'm serious. I'm so serious. They would have to put all the games on pay-per-view. Because you can't just watch a show like that for free; 81 and 85? Come on, now. Please."

Who is more entertaining?

"Well, right now, TO has me beat by so much because of the success going on in Dallas. Right now, I have no room to open up. I have no room to talk, really. I mean, from a standpoint of we know how I like to challenge my opponents. I have no room for that right now. I can't."

Who is the better dancer, you or TO?
OCHO CINCO: "Who? Oh. I'm the best dancer, of course. T, he is too big to dance well. I'm smooth."

Who has the best end zone celebration?

"That's a good one. That's a good one. Right now, I love the one he did where he acted like he was running track and went across the (goal) line like it was the finish line in the 100. He got me beat this year. He got me beat by far. But in the past he's had some good ones.

To take it even further, Ocho Cinco has promised that he would “kiss the star” when he scored in Texas Stadium this weekend, “out of respect for the great program they have there in Dallas”.

As for Terrell Owens, he’s not saying much to laugh about, but he sure isn’t being quiet. First, he was complaining about not getting enough passes, when that backfired he had this to say about Keyshawn Johnson, or Sheshawn as T.O. prefers:

"(As the No. 1 overall pick in the 1996 draft) he is the ultimate underachiever on that (ESPN) panel. I am the reason he is in the booth," Owens said. "Everybody is aware when I was brought to Dallas, he was the one they let go to get me here."

If the two of these players perform half as much as they talk this weekend, it should be an interesting game.