WrestleMania 27: My Predictions

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIMarch 26, 2011

The Night of the Immortals is fast approaching and wrestling fans all around the world will be starting to make their predictions for the "Granddaddy of them all!"

Every Wrestlemania has something that makes it stand out, that makes sure that it will be remembered in wrestling history—a match or a guest star that draws the buy rates! Last year it was the Streak versus Career match and this time it will be the presence of the Rock at Wrestlemania for the first time in seven years!

But with this year's Wrestlemania looking surprisably predictable, you have to hope that the WWE will be able to provide some surprises along the way

Here are my predictions for the 27th annual Wrestlemania:

Jobbers Battle Royale

Every year Wrestlemania hosts the non-televised battle royal involving anyone not booked on the show! With no Money in the Bank match this year, it means that there will be more men in this match than usual with Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre and the Ted Dibiase set to appear. Last year's winner was Yoshi Tatsu.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus for the United States Championship

Sheamus has finally overcome the King of the Ring curse and has started to form a winning streak that saw him beat Bryan for the US title. After the Celtic Warrior's burial at the hands of Triple H, he needs to reestablish himself as someone that could legitimately be in the main event scene in the future.

I think in the long run it would suit Sheamus's career better if he is drafted to Smackdown but there will be lots of opportunities to drop the belt before then. As much as I would love to see Bryan Danielson go over at his first ever Wrestlemania, I predict that Sheamus will keep his winning streak going for now. This match will probably be the curtain jerker.

Backstage Segments

Wrestlemania always contains backstage segments and video packages. I would imagine that the Rock will be involved in the majority of these segments and it would be fantastic if he were to run into Austin and a stare-down could take place. Also expect to see Snooki, Zack Ryder, Kozlov and Santino here!

Divas Match?

So far a Divas match has not been booked unless you count the Team Vickie vs Team Snooki fiasco and there have been rumors for some time now that Awesome Kong is set to make her debut in the WWE.

What better way for Kong to make her mark than by interrupting a possible Divas championship match between Eve and {insert heel diva here} and destroy the contest. But if creative are saving Kong for after Wrestlemania then this will more likely be a Divas battle royale!

The Corre vs Kane and Big Show for the Tag Team Championships?

This match has not been booked yet but there were initially rumors that it would be all four members of the Corre against Big Show, Kane, Kofi and Christian in an eight-man tag match. That now seems unlikely with Christian's heavy involvement in Edge vs. Del Rio.

Either it will be a handicap match with Kane and Big Show or the two behemoths will take on Slater and Gabriel for the tag titles with Ezekiel and Barrett in their corner. After Barrett's IC title win on Smackdown, I have a feeling that he may be utilized in a singles match. This is not a feud that I want to see continue so I will say faces go over.

Team Vickie vs Team Snooki

There is absolutely no question who is winning this one. After the return of Trish Stratus and the debut of Snooki it would make no sense unless the faces go over.

I think it is a great shame that two tremendous young talents such as Morrison and Ziggler, who have both been involved in the World title scene recently, are stuck in this farce of a match. A potential break up of Laycool could also be on the cards!

Possible Intercontinental Title Match?

After all the work that they have done with Barrett as the leader of Nexus and the rumors that he was a possible opponent for the Undertaker, I would be very surprised if they stuck him in a tag team match. I predict that Barrett will come out with the title and issue an open challenge. Sin Cara debuts and wins the IC title in his first match!

CM Punk vs Randy Orton

CM Punk has shown a Jericho-like tendency to remain over no matter how many times he loses so it is not a match he needs to win. On the other hand, we don't need to see another Superman gimmick to rival Cena's. Orton has now taken out the whole of Nexus and where is the entertainment value if he wins again. It's a difficult match to call but I am going to go with an Punk victory after a ref bump and interference from the Neuxs. 

 This will give the feud the legs to make it through Extreme Rules. 

Rey Mysterio vs Dashing Cody Rhodes

Far and away the best feud on Smackdown at the moment, there have been backstage rumors that Mysterio rates Rhodes very highly and might be willing to put him over at Mania. I am also certain that this feud will continue into the summer with possible Mask vs Mask matches to come. Cody Rhodes to win with the possibility of Rey being unmasked as Vince feels that there is not enough room for two masked superstars.

Alberto Del Rio vs Edge with Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship

Christian will cost Edge the match, turning heel and sparking an Edge and Christian feud while Del Rio can defend his world title against new opponents after Wrestlemani—possibly Sin Cara.

Cole with Swagger vs "King"—Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

King will finally get his hands on Cole and win the match. The fact that the feud has been so one-sided makes it inevitable. It will end in total humiliation for Cole with beer poured on him by Stone Cold and perhaps a beat down by the Divas for his derogatory comments about the division. Also expect Swagger to take the Stunner! 

Miz vs Cena for the WWE Championship

The Rock comes out and costs Cena the match. Miz challenges the Rock for the WWE title and then Cena costs Rock the match! This would set Cena and Rock up perfectly for their dream match while Miz could boast for the rest of his career that he beat Cena and the Rock in one night, in the same way as Jericho when he won the Undisputed Championship. 

Undertaker vs Triple H: No holds Barred Match for the Streak

Undertaker wins to extend the Streak to 19-0, obviously. I have a feeling the mystery role that HBK will play in this match will be appearing on commentary to help call the match after Cole and King have gone to the back.

Although on paper, this Wrestlemania does not promise much, I think it has the potential to have some interesting and memorable moments!