Week Six College Football Picks: Pitt-USF Edition

Tim PollockSenior Writer IOctober 2, 2008

After a terrible week last week, I’m back with 14 more games on tap.

Things get started with two interesting games tonight.

Pitt at USF (Game of the Week)

Look for USF to follow the blueprint others have used against Pitt—contain LeSean McCoy. 

USF is looking strong, and while they have lost focus against weaker opponents, the Bulls step up in big games.  In the end, Pitt simply can’t keep up with USF. 

Leavitt gives another inaudible post-game interview. 

Winner: USF, 31-21

Oregon State at Utah

Yes, the Beavers just pulled off a shocker last Thursday.  But Utah is the real deal, and playing at home should give them the edge. 

Expect a dogfight, though, from a confident Oregon State defense.

Winner: Utah, 28-24

And on to Saturday’s action.

Penn State at Purdue

If Drew Brees and Mike Alstott suited up, this might be a closer game.  But “Larry Bird is not walking through that door.” 

Penn State rolls again.

Winner: Penn State, 42-17

Duke at Georgia Tech

I’m still confused as to why Georgia Tech is not in the top 25. 

They will be by Sunday.

Winner: Georgia Tech, 31-27 

Stanford at Notre Dame

Last week my gut told me Alabama would beat Georgia, while my head told me otherwise.  Luckily I went with my gut.

I’m going with the gut again.

Winner: Stanford, 24-23

Oklahoma at Baylor

Hmm...I’ll take the Sooners.

Winner: Oklahoma, 52-17

Florida at Arkansas

A lot of people see this as Florida taking out their anger on the Hogs. 

Perhaps, but this seems like a lose-lose for the Gators.  Unless they score 60, fans will be looking for Mullen’s job...again.

The Hogs put up a fight early as the Gators struggle to wake up for the early game. 

Winner: Florida, 34-17

Florida State at Miami

If only this were the '90s. 

Miami has impressed me.  FSU, on the other hand, is still too up and down.

Winner: Miami, 20-17

Auburn at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt: Welcome to a three-game losing streak!

One thing’s for certain—this game won’t be pretty. 

Winner: Auburn, 20-6

UConn at UNC

UNC’s win last week sold me, and UConn has to come back to reality sometime.

Winner: UNC, 28-27

Texas at Colorado

I love this matchup.  Unfortunately, Texas is looking too strong, and I see them blowing past the Buffs. 

Winner: Texas, 38-24

Oregon at USC

Not too many people picked USC to lose last week, and I would think even fewer would pick them to lose again this week. 

Trojans get back on track in the Pac-10 race.

Winner: USC, 34-17

Missouri at Nebraska

Chase Daniel continues his bid for the Heisman as the Cornhuskers struggle to contain Daniel and his posse. 

Winner: Missouri, 38-17

Ohio State at Wisconsin

Home field advantage seems like the key to me for the Badgers.  I see the defense stepping up and forcing Pryor into two turnovers, one of which should prove costly to the Buckeyes.

The Big Ten race heats up.

Winner: Wisconsin, 23-21


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