Even 10 More of the World's Worst Football Jerseys (Leave Your Vote)

Mary O'SheaSenior Writer IDecember 12, 2016

Time for another laugh at the expense of those major football fashion faux pas.

Before we go any further, to avoid any confusion I will state that these shirts are in reference to World Football or Soccer, not NFL as was thought before.

These articles are meant to be a light-hearted look at football fashion disasters, not to be taken as an attack on anyone's club, country or culture.

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If anyone has any recommendations on jerseys that should be included or that I have overlooked, please leave a comment or a note on my message board.

As always, shame on you if you own one!!

10. Atletico Madrid

The Spainards took advertising a little too far with this away kit.

9. Borussia Dortmund

The brand new away kit by the German club is...well...different!

8. Scotland

I'll admit it is not the worst shirt you'll ever see but it surely warrants its place in a Hall of Shame.

7. Huddersfield Town (GK)

What colour do we like?? Can't decide, thrown 'em all on.

6. VFL Bochum

Bochum illustrate another sure fire way to clash with an opponents shirt.

5. Kaiserslautern

Forget vertical and horizontal, zig-zag is the way to go, or so Kaiserslautern thought in the early 90s.

4. Botev

Between 1995 and 1997, Bulgarian side Botev took to the pitch looking like a jar of mustard.

3. Lanus

Nice colour for the Argentine team, shame about the design though.

2. Real Salt Lake

Ok, this is on for two reasons. One, I fear the Americans will feel left out and two, that has to be the worst logo I have ever seen.

1.  Carlos Navarro Montoya Boca Jrs

I feel it needs no explaination.....