GENIE Grants You 10 Wishes, Where Would You Go?

Bill KaoContributor IOctober 2, 2008

One day, your at a bar watching your favorite team and out of nowhere, a genie pops out of your empty beer bottle. Mr or Ms Genie has just granted you 10 wishes to attend any sporting events in the world. Where would you go? 

I know this is silly but this is where I would go. Let's have some fun with this list.

10 – The Palestra (on the campus of University of Pennsylvania) to watch the Big 5 Classic

9 - All England Lawn and Tennis Club to watch the final match of the tournament

8- Beaver Stadium (on the campus of The Pennsylvania State University) to watch Penn State vs. Ohio St

7- The Big House (on the campus of University of Michigan) to watch Michigan vs. Ohio St.

6- Neyland Stadium (On the campus of University of Tennessee) to watch Tennessee Vols vs. Florida Gators

5- Lambeau Field (home stadium for Green Bay Packers) to watch Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

4- Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea FC vs. Manchester United soccer match

3- Fenway to watch Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees

2-Rugby World Cup (locations change) to watch New Zealand Blacks vs. England Rugby

1- Cameron Indoor Stadium (on the campus of Duke University) to watch Duke vs. UNC