King of the Castle: Why Anderson Silva Is the Pound for Pound King

Jordan ReimerContributor IMarch 25, 2011

Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin at UFC 101
Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin at UFC 101

The most controversial aspect in all of Mixed Martial Arts is, undoubtedly, the rankings.

Unlike Mixed Martial Arts, the NFL, NHL and MLB are ranked over a period of time, where they are awarded a certain amount of points for wins and losses. The points are accumulated at the end of the year after all teams have competed against each other—they are then positioned in the rankings from highest to lowest.

This leads to little or no controversy when arguing on whom the best team was that year, due to the sheer volume of games being played. In other words, the team that finishes first in that year is always the most consistent.

If there is anything to be learned from their ranking system, it is consistency. Fighters don't get points for wins, losses or ties, but the best fighters are always the most consistent. It has lead to a popular phrase between the Mixed Martial Arts community, "you are only good as your last fight."

There has never been a more consistent fighter in the sport than Anderson Silva. Since joining the UFC in June of 2006, the 'Spider' has won 13 straight fights. He has also defeated Rich Franklin at UFC 64, where he won the middleweight championship. He has defended the same title nine times—both are current UFC records. Not only is winning 13 fights in a row very impressive, but to do it in the toughest organization in the world is unbelievable.

Anderson has successfully competed in three different weight classes throughout his career. He fought at 168 pounds where he won the Shooto middleweight championship. He then fought in the UFC at 185 pounds where he earned the title of middleweight champion. After earning the title, Anderson has  moved up to 205 pounds to take on light heavyweight James Irvin, and former light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin, where he won both times by KO in the first round.

Anderson Silva is more than just a dominant fighter; he is a consistent one. His domination and consistency in multiple weight classes has earned him the right to sit on the throne of the pound for pound rankings.