Sideline Movers and Groovers: Getting Jiggy with the NCAA Basketball Coaches

Stan SillimanCorrespondent IIMarch 24, 2011

Sideline Movers and Groovers: Getting Jiggy with the NCAA Basketball Coaches

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    I love me some dancing basketball coaches. Sometimes they are as much fun to watch as the game itself.

    Did you see them? Did you catch the dancing coaches in the Big Dance?

    Did you catch their moves?

    We've collected a few videos for you. Not all of these guys are in the tourney. There's even a woman's coach and a high school coach in the collection.

    The slides run from 30 seconds to eight minutes. Enjoy.

Doing the Curly: Buzz Like a Bee

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    Yeah, he looks like Curly

    But dances like Mo.

    Will he stay or will he go?

    We want to see more dancing.

    Marquette down.

Kentucky Women's Coach Does the Dougie

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    Kentucky Womens' coach Matthew Mitchell can probably out dance Calipari.

    Might even have a draw in a hair contest.

ESPN Does a Dancing Coach Video Ad

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    Here's a bunch of coaches with sideline moves, set to music. I didn't catch them all but saw Buzz, Matta, Sendek, Pitino, Dixon, Boeheim, Pastner, Few, Roy Williams, K, Mike Anderson, Kim Mulkey, Izzo, Crean, Tubby, Self, Bo Ryan, Seth Greenberg and Bruce Pearl.

    I know I left several guys out. Help if you can. The video went too fast for an old guy.

    How many of these guys change or lose their jobs before the year is out?

    Maybe a few.

Bo Ryan Does the Soulja Boy

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    Music by Crank Dat.

    Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan is dancing.

    When you see a grizzled vet like Bo kick it, it does a soul good. 'Cause it's Bo good.


Coach Derek Basile Loves to Stomp

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    Here's a Musselman, West Virginia high school coach who never seems to be pleased with the call.

    This 8:22 video is titled "Coach Basile Goes Nuts."

    Background songs: "Kung Fu Fighting," "Dueling Banjos," "Sanford Theme" and "Gotta Fly Now" from Rocky.

Gardner-Webb Uploads Coach Holtmann

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    Chris Holtmann didn't make the ESPN collage but Gardner-Webb felt he danced well enough for his own video.

    This video was created by the Gardner-Webb athletic department.

A Few Coaches Do Their Dancing in the Locker Room

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    If you are coach Will Forte and a guy named Peyton is on your team you might try to motivate them with a peppy song.

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