Wrestlemania 27: Does It Have a Chance at Becoming One of the Greats?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIApril 3, 2011

Many people, including myself, seem to think that the Wrestlemania card for this year seems to lack the things that make a Wrestlemania truly special.

It seems to be a card that resembles any other PPV with the way that the matches are being built up. Sure, the matches seem to have potential, but the build-up for them seems to have been disappointing heading into the "Road to Wrestlemania."

By this time in most years, we are left craving what will happen at the Show of Shows. The go home show makes us interested in wanting to buy Wrestlemania but this year's go-home show, although great, can't make up for the lack of interesting buildup that was put forth into most of the matches.

The Undertaker vs Triple H, a match that has happened already makes it seem as if it is a foregone conclusion that Undertaker will most likely win.

The Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler match makes it seem as if Cole will get his comeuppance especially since Stone Cold Steve Austin is the special guest referee and you know that whenever Stone Cold is special referee that someone is going to get stunned, which usually turns out to be the bad guy.

Snooki/John Morrison/Trish Stratus vs Michelle McCool/Layla/Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero can be considered a given as celebrities always win especially in important events and the return of a Diva legend certainly helps too.

The Corre vs Kane/Big Show/Santino Marella/Vladimir Koslov match also seems as if the Corre will end up winning seeing as how they have been pushed well lately and they are actually being treated right unlike the New Nexus.

Although some of the matches seem like they are real predictable, others aren't.

Daniel Bryan/Sheamus for the U.S championship—although Sheamus isn't a US native—can seem like it could be a good match. With Bryan, you have possibly the best wrestler in the world today and with Sheamus you have a tough brawler who can dominate and occasionally put on a great match or two.

Edge/Del Rio with both Brodus Clay and Christian on opposite corners with their respective allies can really be a great match especially with the thought of a Christin heel turn looming by. This can be a match that can help Wrestlemania 27 become great although without Christian in the match itself, it seems a bit lacking.

With Mysterio/Rhodes, we've got a match that can possibly steal the show. Cody Rhodes is the young rising star who plays the disturbed individual after getting his nose "broken" by the Master of the 619 himself, Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio is the good guy who wants to stop the bad guy from harming him. "With great power comes great responsibility" and Rey Mysterio has to use his powers responsibly, but will he put Cody Rhodes over or come out on top?

Randy Orton vs CM Punk, like Mysterio/Rhodes, has a chance at stealing the show. Punk is the villain and Orton is the good guy but will Orton put Punk over or let him fall? Punk has everything to gain and Orton has nothing to lose.

The Streak is also on the line, sure it may be a foregone conclusion and both of the participants are getting up there in the age group but if there's one thing these two guys know how to do well, it's to tell a story in the ring. Story is what made the Undertaker/HBK saga one of the best in Wrestlemania history and if HHH can tell a story with Taker, then there is no doubt that this will be a great match.

And then we have, the WWE championship match between the Miz and John Cena. Sure it can be good but that's not the reason that people are anticipating it. They are anticipating the involvement of the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, THE ROCK! The Rock being there can almost guarantee that Wrestlemania will be great show.

Although the card has potential, it seems to have many doubter—including myself—which makes it an underrated card.

When a card or show is underrated or an underdog, one doesn't expect much from it and if you don't expect much from it then it could easily surpass your expectations. Exceeding expectations can make a show, in this case Wrestlemania, greater than it seems.

If Wrestlemania is greater than it seems than it can be ranked as a great Wrestlemania by many, mainly because it delivered more than they expected. It gave more bang for their buck so to say.

If WM 27 is indeed ranked high by many, then it can be one of the best if not the best Wrestlemania of all time.

Wrestlemania 27 can be one of the best thanks to all of the low expectations that it gets.

Being underrated can be good in this case as Wrestlemania 27 can be a real "Show of Shows" if it does end up delivering a good show, and with all of the potential that it has, it is real likely that it can really become a true Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania 27 may just end up proving all of the haters wrong, but for now all we can only do is to wait and see. 

Will Wrestlemania 27 be able to be great or will it fall among the ranks of the worst? 

For now, we can only assume how it will all go down but after Wrestlemania ends, we may just be saying that it was one of the greats.