Money in the Bank: How WWE Dropped the Ball for WrestleMania

Adrian ReyesContributor IMarch 26, 2011

What's up, fellow Bleachers?

With WrestleMania a week and a half away, I started thinking about what goes behind the process of WWE creative setting up the big show. More importantly, I thought about how far in advance they plan WrestleMania.

If they plan WrestleMania more than six months in advance, then I have a problem with them. What is my problem, you are probably thinking. My problem is that Vince McMahon and his staff could have set up WrestleMania 27 to have the greatest Money in the Bank match of all time!

They could have had the Amazing John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. These men alone would have made an awesome MITB match. But my vision would have included 10 superstars.

Now if you are wondering what I'm talking about with the 10 superstars, let's go back a few months.

First, WWE released Kaval, one of the top IN-RING WRESTLERS in the business today, around Christmas time. The release came after Kaval found out that WWE had nothing planned for him. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? For a guy with his talents, I'm sure they could've found something for him.

Now let's move up to late February and the beginning of March. First, WWE signs Mexican superstar and high-flyer Mistico, now known as Sin Cara. Then MITB superstar Shelton Benjamin wrestles a dark match for the WWE. Do you see where I'm going with this?

You add Kaval, Sin Cara and a newly signed Benjamin to that high-flying cast and you quite possibly have one of the most exciting matches in WWE HISTORY!! The crazy part of this all is that it wouldn't really mess up the rest of the WrestleMania card! Instead of having JoMo and Ziggler in the mixed tag match, it could just be a diva's tag match. Sheamus and Danielson's match already happened on FREE live TV so we don't need to see that again. And that's it.

You still have Cena vs. Miz, Edge vs. Del Rio, Taker vs. HHH, Orton vs. Punk, King vs. Cole, and Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes.

This is a WrestleMania I'd want to see just for the MITB match!

This is the reason I want to know if WWE really thinks sometimes. Maybe I'm just thinking outside the box but this match has 5-star written all over it. Please leave comments if you agree or even disagree with me.