5 Reasons I Don't Care About the Undertaker vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIMarch 24, 2011

5 Reasons I Don't Care About the Undertaker vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania

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    The Road to Wrestlemania is reaching its climax and the match that is emerging as the potential main event is being billed by the WWE as the clash of the titans and, according to Jerry Lawler, "the Undertaker's streak has never been in more jeopardy!"

    But if they expect this match to be a selling point then they are sadly mistaken!

    Here are five reasons why this match will not make me buy Wrestlemania. 

1. We Have Seen This Match Before!

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    The WWE is relying on the fact that the younger demographic has never seen this match before. They are hoping that the younger fans will get excited at the fact that two main event superstars who have been on different shows for most of the last decade are going to collide at Wrestlemania!

    But for the adult fans, this feud has already happened and not just at Wrestlemania. Triple H and Undertaker worked with each other over and over again during the Attitude Era.

    Cena would have been a better opponent to attract the kids and that would have been much more interesting and original. It might even yield the long-awaited Cena heel turn.  

2. There Has Been No Build!

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    The WWE thinks that Triple H and Undertaker are big enough superstars to get this feud over without any serious build. I am not interested to see these men rambling about their careers and the fact that they are the last of an era.

    Triple H has been repeating himself and has added nothing new each time that he has appeared. The phrase 'Undertaker, if I can't beat you then I'll die trying!' has been used by Triple H at least four times.

    These promos have been generic and uninteresting and I look forward to seeing all of the same material covered when they meet face to face on the Raw before Wrestlemania! 

3. No HBK

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    For this feud to be interesting Shawn Michaels had to get involved. These taped segments are playing no role whatsoever and add nothing to the storyline.

    There were rumors that HBK was going to be the special guest referee for this match but they must have been scrapped after Austin's return. There were many different directions that the WWE could have gone with HBK's presence in the storyline. There should have been doubt about who HBK would support and they could have even used the Hall of Fame Induction to possibly advance the storyline. 

4. Doubts about the Quality of the Match

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    Both of these men are far past their prime and are both returning from serious injuries. They clearly are not confident in their ability to have a match that will be remembered as they have added the No Holds Barred stipulation will give them more time to recuperate in between spots.

    We have become used to the Undertaker's matches at Wrestlemania being the highlight of the show and this promises to be a disappointment.

    Whatever happens, it will fall short of the two HBK matches!

5. Triple H Does Not Need the Rub

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    The Streak should be about a new and fresh wrestler rising to the challenge every year. Working with Undertaker would quickly create legitimate main event potentials.

    Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Wade Barrett all would be matches and feuds that I would pay to see. I am happy that Del Rio and Miz are in the World title picture, but they would be much more entertaining Wrestlemania opponents than Hunter Hearst Helmsley!

    The association with the Undertaker is almost on a par with winning the World title and it would be the Undertaker's way of giving back to the company that made him. He does not even have to lose; he just has to put them over enough so that the fans see them as viable threats to the Streak. This method went some way to establishing Randy Orton. 

Final Word...

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    Wrestlemania 27 does have the potential to be memorable with the presence of the Rock and Stone Cold and the entertaining world title feuds between Del Rio and Edge and Miz and Cena. It will also be good to see Trish Stratus back in the ring and finally we will see the termination of the Cole-King feud!

    But this year, the Undertaker's match will not be the highlight of the night!