Anderson Silva: Why a Superfight With Jon Jones or GSP Would Be a Big Mistake

Jeff D Gorman@@JeffDGormanSenior Writer IMarch 24, 2011

NEWARK, NJ - MARCH 26:  UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre (pictured) weighs in for his fight against UFC fighter Dan Hardy for the Championship Welterweight fight at UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy Weigh-In on March 26, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

MMA fans have been drooling over the idea of dominant UFC champions Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre battling each other to determine pound-for-pound supremacy.

The middleweight champion vs. the welterweight champion, both after cleaning out their respective divisions. Well, who wouldn’t want to see that?

But wait, what about Jon “Bones” Jones, who just won the UFC light heavyweight title? Wouldn’t it be fun to see him drop down in weight to face Silva, or even move up to fight heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez?

I would love to see those fights, too. But it’s a bad idea and I hope it never happens.

The reason why Silva and St-Pierre are so special is their domination in their respective divisions. If Georges moves up and loses to Silva, then he and all the welterweights will look like chumps.

Silva wouldn’t even get the desired credit from the victory because he would have enjoyed the home-weight advantage at 185. Of course Silva won, because he’s used to fighting at middleweight.

Now if St-Pierre moves up and beats Silva, then all of the middleweights would look bad because a beefed-up welterweight did what none of the natural middleweights could do—beat Anderson Silva.

Another reason this is a bad idea is because UFC just bought Strikeforce, and those champions haven’t faced the UFC champions yet.

We should see Anderson Silva face Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza to unify the middleweight belts and GSP vs. Nick Diaz (or Paul Daley if he wins the Strikeforce belt) before anyone thinks about Silva vs. GSP.

Otherwise, who would care about the UFC vs. Strikeforce title fights?

It’s like opening your Christmas presents on Thanksgiving: There’s nothing left to anticipate.

Finally, Silva vs. St-Pierre will still make a zillion dollars even after one or both fighters lose their belts. The new division champions could defend their belts, and everyone will look strong.

Think of the biggest money fight that could be made right now: Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko.

Brock is no longer the UFC champ, and Fedor never won the Strikeforce title or the Heavyweight Grand Prix.

Still, everyone wants to see this fight.

Keep waiting for the current champs to lose their titles, and those presents will still be there for fight fans on Christmas morning.

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