UFC: 5 Reasons Zuffa Should Buy Bellator Next

Dale De Souza@@DaleDeSouzaMMAAnalyst IMarch 24, 2011

UFC: 5 Reasons Zuffa Should Buy Bellator Next

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    As a person who actually did enjoy Strikeforce for a time, I'll admit even I was a little bit shocked when Zuffa LLC. bought Strikeforce a few weeks ago.

    Many called it the biggest acquisition since PRIDE, and already people have heard of the various changes that Strikeforce will undergo before the rumored yet inevitable merger that many are talking about even now.

    It really makes you ask the question that many are aware of, but few excluding myself are going to ask:

    "How much longer until Zuffa acquires Bjorn Rebney, Eddie Alvarez, Hector Lombard, Joe Warren, and the entire body that comprises of Bellator Fighting Championships?"

    Of course, if you're a fan of Bellator like I am and you recognize that some of the best fights in MMA do come from Bellator's seasonal fight cards, maybe you could be a bit in a slump if Zuffa does actually acquire Bellator, but should they do it?

    I only need for you to understand five reasons why the answer is yes.

The Global Expansion

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    This one's pretty self-explanatory, isn't it?

    The UFC's always looking for ways to expand their product to the world, which is why they've really tried their heart out in markets like Germany, Australia, the U.K., and Canada, with Rio de Janeiro being a future venue if the UFC should get all their basic wants and needs fulfilled by this Fall.

    Some markets are harder to break into than other--guys in the UFC aren't what they once were, and guys that are usually decent to watch can't get five seconds to measure a shot before getting booed by the non-US crowds.

    UFC 120 proved that stocking up a card with fighters from the host country can backfire.

    Sometimes you need more than just what you have--you need guys that can put on a show the likes of which that fanbase hasn't ever seen in their country and may never again see in that country.

    That's where Bellator comes in, and once some of their fighters take center stage, that's when a lot more asses are out of their seats with their hands up, making the millions at home wish they'd bought a ticket, even if the ticket was for a nosebleed seat.

The Last of the UFC's Legitimate Competition

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    Strikeforce is a part of Zuffa now, and that means that there are only two major MMA organizations in the US that could provide the UFC with the talent needed for them to say "the UFC has the best fighters in the world, bar none."

    One of those two is King Of The Cage, but the most interesting thing they could give to UFC fans aside from a few fresh faces is a reason to finally get that Flyweight division going.

    The other works a little bit more in favor of the UFC's Flyweight-absent situation right now, and that plan involves putting a few bucks on the table that says Zuffa wants to buy the one Mixed Martial Arts organization in the world that still knows how to properly put on a title fight.

    Let's not pretend like we all "wanted" to see half of the title fights that the UFC's put on--those fights might have been good, but they were still on cards for two reasons:

    1. The champ can draw crowds.

    2. The UFC brass wants to know if we honestly expected a performance out of both champ and challenger like the ones we've seen... even if they went the exact way that we thought they would go.

    With Bellator's tourney format--similar to, but not entirely taken from early UFC or PRIDE--the man who walks away from the cage as tournament champ is recognized as the undisputed (but also the sometimes-unquestionably debatable)  #1 Contender to the champ.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the UFC can pick up a few pointers from Bellator in the contendership department.

Mercedes Terrell and the Bellator Cage Girls

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    Don't lie, boys. You want to see them in UFC Ring Girl uniforms too.

The Fight Roster

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    I could run down the list of notable Bellator fighters that would benefit the UFC in more ways than you'd imagine, but I'm just going to let you see a few seconds from one of their more recent bouts.

    If you've watched UFC events over Bellator, that's fine and that might be understandable, but if you haven't checked out Bellator at all, you only need to see a few of their fighters to understand what they could bring if they stepped in the UFC.

    Jara vs. Spiritwolf was a catchweight bout, and it actually only happened this season, but it's a good example of what Zuffa should be keeping their eyes out for when they see Bellator.

The Matchups

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    If there's one thing we've learned from Bjorn Rebney's attempts at cross-promotion with Strikeforce long before "The Purchase", it's that Bjorn Rebney is an optimistic man who knows what his fans would like to see.

    He feels that his fighters are the best fighters in the world because they are capable of consistently putting on the best fights in the world.

    Dana White is no different, as we all know.

    Seriously, how many times has he said that the best fighters and the best fights in the world happen in the UFC?

    That being asked, how many of the "best fights in the world" came from the UFC?

    Granted, they're the most well known promotion in the world, and they put on some of the more attractive fights in MMA, but not every fight in the UFC's history has been the best in the world.



    Best in the World?

    Throw your boys against Rebney's first, Dana.

    If they light it up like it's the "Fourth of [expletive] July!", then maybe we'll talk about that whole "Best fighters+best fights in the world= UFC" equation your feeding most of MMA World.