WWE Smackdown Results for March 25th in 310 Words (Spoiler Alert)

Elliott SaltaresContributor IMarch 23, 2011

SmackDown starts, backstage segment.

Long tells Edge if he or Del Rio touch either other before Mania both be banned from it.

Mysterio over Punk. Punk mainly focusing attacks on the ribs of Rey after missed crossbody. Cody Rhodes comes in as a distraction and the match ends in disqualification. Rey is helped out of the ring by officials.

Edge and Christian backstage. Edge says he's going to be in Christian's corner tonight.

Edge over McIntyre. As soon as the bell rings, Edge goes after Drew. Drew quickly gains the upperhand working on Edge's arm. Edge eventually regains control and wins via his finish. After the match, Edge connects with a spear.

LayCool over Mendez and Kelly. Layla has the Snooki hairdo, both were fist pumping. Rosa and Kelly go straight for the attack. Quick match, Layla hits a reverse neck breaker for the win. After the match, quick Laycool promo saying that their opponents for Mania are no challenge.

Barrett over Kofi, Barrett wins the Intercontinental Championship. Kofi was going for trouble in paradise but the ref got distracted. Wade hits Wasteland, pinfall. After the match Justin hit a 450 splash.

Teddy Long and Alberto Del Rio are backstage.

Taker is on the stage cutting a promo. He says he can't wait till Monday to tell HHH what he thinks.

Swagger over R-Truth. R-Truth had a close call... He launched himself over top rope and it looked like Swagger barely caught him. Quick match winner via ankle lock, Swagger.

Christian with Edge over Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio has Brodus with him. Brodus attacked Edge on the outside. Edge spears Brodus, attacks him with a chair. This distracts Alberto, Christian hits Kill Switch for win. Edge looks like he's gonna attack Alberto with the chair but Christian stops him. He hits Alberto with the chair instead.

SmackDown over.



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