2011 MLB Offseason: New York Yankees Remain Unusually Quiet

TJ BuzzeoCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2011

The offseason heading into the 2011 baseball season has been strangely silent for the Yankees.
The offseason heading into the 2011 baseball season has been strangely silent for the Yankees.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Has anyone else noticed that the New York Yankees have had an extremely quiet offseason? Well, for them at least.

Look past the disastrous Cliff Lee sweepstakes, the public relations nightmare that the Derek Jeter re-signing turned into and the Rafael Soriano disagreement—all of which were blown out of proportion by the way—what did Yankee fans rave or complain about? The possibility of Derek Jeter moving positions eventually, who is going to backup Russell Martin at catcher, and of course, the continuing saga of Joba Chamberlain—again all blown out of proportion.

Are the Yankees going to win more if Derek Jeter moves to the outfield two, three, four years from now? Will Francisco Cervelli playing once a week ruin the season? Does the sixth-inning reliever ever make a difference? No.

The one real story coming out of Yankee camp has been the search and competition for the fourth and fifth starter. This has actually become really intriguing with long-shot Bartolo Colon out pitching Freddy Garcia who thought he was a shoo-in for the fourth spot at the start of camp.

Normally, I would not mind hearing about another Bronx Bomber caught with steroids, keeping up with Alex Rodriguez’s personal life by seeing Cameron Diaz on late night shows rather than Page 6 or hearing about how unfair baseball is for allowing the Yankees to sign anyone they want. However, my wish coming true concerns me about the outcome of the season.

The Yankees always have high expectations, and still do, but are they as big this year? Their own general manager has all but conceded the division, they didn’t get their guy (Lee) this offseason, and New Yorkers are more concerned about the Knicks.  This is like “Bizzaro-World;” it is the opposite of what should be going on.

Once the season the starts, the attention, both locally and nationally, will soon return to the Big Ballpark in the Bronx. The Knicks, Rangers and Mets will all be eliminated from playoff contention, and everything will be right with the world again.