Career Jeopardy: 5 Surprising WWE Superstars That May Be Future Endeavored

Don DiabloContributor IIIMarch 23, 2011

Career Jeopardy: 5 Surprising WWE Superstars That May Be Future Endeavored

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    Rumors are abound as to whom after Wrestlemania XXVII will be 'future endeavored' from their WWE contract.  Most point towards the lower card superstars that were showcased on the now canceled Superstars on WGN.  However, there usually are some surprises in the releases.  Last year, Mickie James and Shelton Benjamin were released in the post-Wrestlemania house cleaning. 

    Sometimes it is backstage politics or wanting the release, but there are always a few shockers on the list.

    So, the following five Superstars shockingly may be looking for employment post-Wrestlemania. 

Jack Swagger

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    Yes, he has a WrestleMania appearance this year, but since winning Money in the Bank last year, Swagger has not done much besides a downright awful run as World Heavyweight Champion. Rumors are abound that he has fallen out of favor with management. 

    He still has value as a former World Champion to help build future stars.  Swagger is a great in-ring worker and has a great gimmick as the All-American American.  I'd peg him to be the next Kurt Angle, but his time in the WWE may be near an end and he could be 'future endeavored' post-WrestleMania.

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston has the ability to be a top draw in the WWE, but back room politics have really stalled Kofi's rise to superstardom.  He started showing a different side during a feud against Randy Orton.  Well, sadly, the major push never came, as the feud ended with Orton getting frustrated with Kofi and sent him to Smackdown. 

    While he's been brilliant on the mid-card level and is very over with the crowd, his future as a top face may be in jeopardy.  Since winning the Intercontinental Championship, he's done absolutely nothing other than job to Alberto Del Rio.  His gear on WWEShop was reduced in what could be a sign of cleaning house for the WWE merchandise department.

    Has the WWE gotten frustrated with Kofi and are looking to part ways with the Intercontinental Champion?

Gail Kim

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    Gail Kim returned to the WWE a couple years ago after a very successful run in the 'other company'.  However, she's not seen much success in this run, despite a few runs at the Divas championship.  Kim is one of the better wrestling Divas the WWE has, but have failed to use her in the right capacity. 

    Her recent storyline had promise, but it seems to have fizzled or being prolonged till after WrestleMania.  But will there be a post WrestleMania for Gail Kim in the WWE?  She's the oldest Diva and potentially could be released after WrestleMania.

Evan Bourne

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    The high-flying Evan 'Air' Bourne is one of the WWE Universe's favorite under-utilized Superstars.  Bourne is one of the best high-flyers the WWE has ever had.  He put on some good matches when part of the ECW roster, but since moving to RAW, he's just has been used as an enhancement talent. 

    He is a great entertainer in the ring, but with his lack of microphone exposure, he is hard to give a good push.  Honestly I'd hate to see him leave the WWE, but the possibility is there for Bourne to return to Ring of Honor, where he can shine on the independent scene once again. 

Drew McIntyre

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    Drew McIntyre was pegged as a future champion by Vince McMahon upon his re-debut on Smackdown.  Yes, that wasn't his first appearance on the Blue show, as he had been with the roster previously.  He originally was pegged for a long undefeated streak to start his career, culminating in a Heavyweight Championship title reign.  However, that never came to fruition.

    Creative has tried multiple times to push Drew, but each time, it has fallen along the wayside.  McIntyre was originally pinned to win Money in the Bank instead of Kane and he was supposed to help Kane bury the Undertaker.  Neither of these plans happened. 

    McIntyre has been lost in the shuffle on a show that a talented superstar like him should be lost on.  He has what it takes to be the 'Chosen One'.  However, with the lack of creative direction, he could be a casualty post-Wrestlemania.