WWE Brand Extension: Why Diminshing It Would Be a Bad Decision!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 22, 2011

WWE, like all other companies or other “Entertaining” products, have their seemingly unsolvable problems. For every problem, however, there is a possible solution. It just depends on how they (the product/company) handle the situation.

Now the pro wrestling world has been suffering and has been criticized by long standing fans who been through the good and the bad. After experiencing possibly the best decade in pro wrestling history (the 90’s) fans have been searching for moments like that again.

But this is a different time and different age. As things grow, the fan base begins to grow, creating a bigger market within which to promote and expand. This means that they have to re-establish and look on how to reach that new market and keep it.

Many fans have been disappointed with the new age dubbed the (PG era) which is far from the golden age of the “attitude era.” It seems WWE is not paying attention to the fans who have stuck with the product for all these years and gearing towards the new ones.

If you think about it though, who do the tobacco companies go after? Who do the beverage companies (Pepsi & Coke) go after? It always seems like it is the younger generation! The companies do so, to establish themselves in the younger generations mind to keep them coming back for more as they age.

So it’s not a bad idea for WWE to do this but you have to entertain all areas of fans. Especially if you’re a global dominating company. WWE is the number # 1 pro wrestling (wait entertaining) company in the world right now.

We have TNA Wrestling as well but that’s a work in progress. With not much competition, the WWE seems that it can do whatever it wants as they stand alone.

The biggest problem fans see in the product right now is the lack of “deserving” talent being pushed to main event status. Another big issue is the loss of prestige of titles like tag team, intercontinental, United States and the Divas titles.

Now WWE unified the Woman’s/Diva championship and also the world/WWE tag team titles. Is this a real solution? It seemed like it at first as both divisions are lacking much talent. WWE has been picking up talent for the Diva side but we’ll see what actually happens with that. We also wait for the debut of Awesome Kong which is a great addition.

As for the tag team titles, it has trouble written all over it! How can you expect a division to succeed when the company (WWE) feels that it’s not relevant especially in today’s time and new age of wrestling?

This just leaves many fans dumbfounded as many have witnessed the great days of tag team wrestling. How and why can’t that transition into today’s “entertainment” environment? Are the tag team titles not entertaining anymore?

WWE has their opinion and they have a right to their opinion as they have built up a massive company.

However, fans also have their opinions and thoughts on how to make the situation better with lack of major storylines, talent being wasted and the titles situation.

Now the biggest resolution being talked about is to have the brand extension diminished. Not only that, but to have all the titles unified as well.  

At first thought, it’s a great idea but at the same time it will also hurt another situation as well. This means that more talent will have to be cut!

That’s less time for young developing talent or talent that is having troubles crossing over into the main event zone.

With Superstars being canceled because WWE did not live up to the agreement as it became today’s version of “Sunday night Heat or Velocity,” it is expected stars that usually performed on the program will be cut. Especially around WWE’s spring cleaning time.

Now if there was to be no more brand extension then that would mean even less time for other talents which mean even more cuts—and more possible talent for TNA Wrestling. This can also hurt possible returns like Shelton Benjamin and others.

WWE would want to fill both shows out with their major stars for ratings purposes. The other talents will be lost in the fold and would lose interest in the transition.

Unifying the titles is not a bad idea especially the I.C. title and U.S. title as the talent is hurting right there as WWE keeps providing the title holders with losing streaks, which makes no sense—don’t you want your champ to look like a champ or a chump?

Now I disagree with the WWE & World title merging as this will hurt things even more. We could see guys that are being pushed now being rejected with another undisputed title.

So how would WWE solve this problem? Another show? No, because the same effect would happen with what happened to ECW and Superstars.

WWE should really establish their titles divisions first. They should decide who they want where and unify the U.S. & I.C. title. Keep the WWE & world title separate.

Rebrand the divisions and give them true identities so they can truly be established. Actually listen to the fans and create a section for Smackdown and Raw where fans can vote for a match they want to see or a title defense they want to see and who they want to see fight for the title.

Now this is no true solution and probably wouldn’t help but would ending the brand extension help as well?

Maybe WWE will clear things up after the major WrestleMania 27 event but we will all have to watch and see.