Red Sox Looking Good Against The Angels

Miguel VillamilContributor IOctober 1, 2008

Tonight's pitcher show down revealed that the injured Red Sox are not going to make it easy for the Angels. The Angels have had a great season against the Red Sox only losing one game against them, however; the Red Sox showed that they are here to win.

John Lester pitched seven innings with only one run.  Lester started off alright with a shaky first inning but pulled through with the help of Jason Varitek behind the plate. In the third inning Lester gave up 3 hits and scoring Anderson. This was all on an error charged to short-stop Jed Lowrie. Lester did fantastic taking over for Josh Beckett which strained his side durring practice on Friday but, should be back on the mound for Sundays game at Fenway. Also, Jason Bay's first time in the postseason proved to be great. In the sixth inning, Bay hit a 2 run homer against John Lackey. Then later in the game doubled right.

If this is an "injured" ball club I wonder what they could do as a "healthy" ball club. Mike Lowell and JD Drew both played and showed no signs of strain. Mike Lowell showed a bit of discomfort while checking swings but overall had a great night. To me the Sox are looking good but should not get over confident. If they continue playing like tonight they will have a great chance to play in the Championship Series.

The Angels had a solid game a however, they still need some minor tweaking (as do the Red Sox). If both teams continue to play like this, be prepared for a long October.


More Game Stats:


4 Runs, 8 Hits, 1 Error

Los Angeles (0-1)

1 Run, 9 Hits, 1 Error


Wining Pitcher:J. Lester (1-0)
Losing Pitcher:J. Lackey (0-1)
Saving Pitcher:J. Papelbon (1)