The 20 Most Gnarly Wipeouts in Sports History

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The 20 Most Gnarly Wipeouts in Sports History
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We watch sports to be amazed by feats of athletic prowess, to see poetry in motion, to be rendered speechless by acts of contortion and strength that the average person could never duplicate.

We also watch for the wipeouts.

Be honest, when somebody eats it, you may look away, cringe or join your friends in a collective "OHHH, that HAD to hurt!" while you squirm in your seat. And then you find the clip on YouTube, watch it 20 times, and post the video on Facebook which prompts at least 10 people to "Like" or comment on the video.

Wipeouts are universally entertaining and evoke curiosity in people like few other things. I mean, Ninja Warrior rocks, but it's not just because of the athleticism of the successful athletes, or the dramatic announcing.

The wipeouts are incredible!

So in that spirit, I've gathered 20 of the gnarliest wipeouts from sports. Some will make you laugh, others will make you wince, and a few will make you wonder how greater injuries weren't sustained.

But one thing is for certain -- you won't be able to look away.

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