SEC Football Rambling Recap: Week 5

SEC Idiots .comCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2008

Ah, 10 teams in the SEC are longing for the good ol' days, when Mike Shula and Ed Orgeron haplessly roamed the sidelines in the West.

We all knew it was coming. We just thought it would take another year or two. Nick Saban is a badass. Sorry, kids; I would use a better word if there was one. 


Even an Auburn fan that believes Tuberville will deliver Seven in November has to admit it. Even if Auburn does get Seven, Saban did what maybe no one else could have done in a year in Tuscaloosa.


If any of the pollsters would take an even-money bet on Oklahoma against Alabama, I would be willing to put them in the gambling business.


Georgia has a long way to go to get back to the Top Five. Both of their lines were dominated by Alabama. That's not to say it can't be done. Unless you're 2004 Auburn, a single loss to a ranked team won't keep you out of the BCS title game.


I've never been one to give Les Miles the benefit of the doubt as a head coach. I've admittedly been on the other side, but his record is starting to speak for itself.


He's now four years in and playing fewer of Saban's recruits. He still has plenty of moments that make fans ask what the hell he was thinking, but so do most other coaches. The bottom line is: he wins games.


Over the past few years, Auburn has been involved in games that ended 13-9, 10-3, 10-9, 7-3, 9-7, and the now infamous 3-2 game. It seemed those contests became solely about field position at some point during each half, where the offenses turned super-conservative and punts were intriguing plays.


One other thing about those games: Auburn won them all.


Don't be surprised if Auburn has another anti-barn-burner this weekend against Vanderbilt. But who cares what happens? The real news is that ESPN (the main one) will be in Nashville for a Saturday night game in October.


Vanderbilt might end up needing this game to get to a bowl. The 4-0 Commodores have to bank on wins at Mississippi State and against Duke, but six wins probably won't guarantee a bid. The SEC will likely have 10 teams bowl-eligible, with Mississippi State and Arkansas home for the holidays, so Vanderbilt may need a win against Auburn or Kentucky.


Sylvester Croom and his crew may be poised for a strong second-half run. Seven of their final eight games should be winnable, with the contest at Alabama the only one that seems to be hopeless at this point. This team doesn't seem to have what last year's had, though, and I'm not counting on it.


An ending record of 4-8 is the most likely outcome.


It's rude to pile on, and hindsight is 20/20. Still, fans have been calling third-and-one and fourth-and-one plays before Florida lined up for a little over two years now. It shouldn't be surprising that a team was finally able to stop it.


Tim Tebow is running less this year to slow the wear and tear on his body. This is taking away his strength as a dual-threat quarterback, and will likely cost the Gators again.


Balancing his health and productivity is a double-edged sword, especially if he can't put up the gaudy numbers as a pro-style drop back passer.


Expect to see more scrambling from Tebow.


Uh, Fulmer's gone. Whether or not he should be gone is an article entirely by itself. The bottom line is a BCS title 10 years ago won't save him today.


He's gone.


Ole Miss fans say they knew they were getting a good coach. Nutt has already given them a big win over a top-ranked team. In the next few years, the Rebels will be a Top 10 team themselves.


Arkansas fans say they spent time in the Top 10 with Nutt, just as he won some big games over top-ranked teams. Nutt was fired because they never happened on the same day.


Ole Miss fans knew Arkansas fans were expecting way too much from Nutt. What more could they want than two trips to Atlanta?


Arkansas fans say they don't expect to be in a BCS bowl every year, but do expect one or two when Matt Jones and Darren McFadden grow up in their state.


Ole Miss fans say to just look at how awful the Hogs are this year to see how valuable Nutt was. Hog fans say Bear Bryant couldn't win with this team if he had Steve Spurrier and Tom Landry as assistants, and the next two years should be written off solely because of Nutt.


Ahhhhhh! I can't take this!


Whooooo! This is what being a fan is all about!