Dumb Pitching

Dan HoehneContributor IOctober 1, 2008

I don't even know how the game is going to end, as it was in the sixth when I last had the courage to continue viewing.

But I know how it will, knew how it would, end.

And what it all comes down to is, stupid pitching.

My long-standing thought has been that, if you're a major league pitcher, there is absolutely zero reason for you to not be able to throw a strike...especially when you absolutely need to.

And on a night, where you've been given an early lead, with the wind NOT blowing out (it drove me nuts that the broadcast team kept saying the wind was blowing in, when it was obviously blowing either across toward right, or slightly out toward right) there is absolutely zero reason to not throw strikes.

And yet, the Cubs most 'solid' pitcher, especially in home games, somehow, cannot throw a strike to save his life.

That, I just do not understand in any sense of the word.

You're winning, and falling behind.

At worst, throw a batting practice strike just to make the other team swing.

At slightly better than worst, the batter swings, connects and hits it to one of the seven fielders you have behind you.

Do not consistently put runners on base that your defense has no chance of eliminating.

And yet, time and again, Mr. Wrigely, Ryan Dempster, could not find it in himself to do that simple little thing.

If he throws strikes and they rake them, OK, I can accept that.

They just got the better of you, they earned their hits and runs.

But when, with a lead, you keep on putting runners on base, even the pitcher for cripes sakes, you're digging your own grave, with no excuses at all.

I sincerely think my four-year old twin neices could have thrown something up there that LA would have been even tempted to swing at.

But no.

As Soto raises his glove for a two-strike high fastball at the letters, Dempster throws it a foot above the hitters head.

However the postseason plays out, I'm ready for it, as any true Cub fan would be.

But I would hope for an apology from Ryan, for at least on this night, he pitched like a moron.