WWE Raw Preview: HHH Trades in His Sledgehammer for a Shovel

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IIMarch 21, 2011

Graphic by Micheal Robinson (Bleacher Report)
Graphic by Micheal Robinson (Bleacher Report)

We are just two weeks away from Wrestlemania 27 now, two weeks folks.

Last week, we saw "good ol' JR", Jim Ross return, what can we expect this week?

All is quiet on the Twitter front at the moment, but of course, The Rock isn't expected to appear live on Raw until next week in Chicago.

Keep in mind, that is, "expected", you never know what is going to happen on WWE television these days, which makes it all the more better.

Last week, The Miz shocked the WWE Universe and the fans that were live at Raw when they suspected The Rock was coming out at the end of the show, only to reveal it was The Miz, dressed as The Rock.

Miz went on to perform the Rock Bottom on John Cena only  a week after he used the People's Elbow, The Rock can't be to happy about his actions.

We have learned on WWE.com that Randy Orton and Smackdown Superstar Rey Mysterio will go one-on-one, in a match that is being dubbed as a Wrestlemania 22 rematch.  Though, many of you remember that match also invovled Kurt Angle.

Also, the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame has been announced as Abdullah The Butcher.

Butcher lives near Atlanta and currently runs a rib and chinese resteraunt.

Last but not least, let's not forget about Triple H and The Undertaker's epic encounter at Wrestlemania 27.

We could see a lot of build up to that match this week, as it has been a little quiet on Triple H's end.  I fully expect Triple H to be in-house or used in a graveyard promo to display his reasons why he can beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

However, don't be shocked if a video package is set up for Triple H in return, culminating on Wrestlemania 27, showing The Game what The Deadman is capable of doing to him to keep the streak alive.

It was two weeks ago that The Undertaker proposed the match be No Holds Barred, which has been made official, in which Triple H responded on the following Smackdown, "that type of match is made for me."

So, it has been a few weeks since this match has been rehashed and I think it is time to get things cooking once again, just two weeks out from Wrestlemania.

Next week will probably belong to The Rock, The Miz, and Cena, so this weeks show should revolve around the streak being on the line once again.

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